Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Fun!

This weekend has been non-stop!  So much fun.  Friday we decided to go with some friends and their kids up to a gorgeous landmark in Salt Lake City.  Red Butte Garden.  If you are ever in SLC it is a must.  It is up above the University of Utah right on the mountain. It has pristine, manicured gardens, trails, mazes, and fountains.  It closed in on 100 degrees yesterday here and the kids got completely soaked in the fountains designed for just that.  As well as having a fragrance garden, medicinal garden, and rose gardens, they also had a children's garden.  It had vine covered trails and trees with tree stump chairs.  It was like their own little club house.  They honestly could have stayed all day but us ladies were melting in the sun! This venue also hosts weddings and has its own outdoor concert series through summer and fall.  We've lived in Utah for 20 years and this was my first trip there.  Crazy.  We'll probably be going again before summer is over!

Yesterday morning I had a shorter long run due to this being a taper week.  Got in 13 miles that felt pretty dang good, all except for running in 80 degree weather with super high humidity at 6 a.m.  Just keeping fingers crossed that it crosses over to next week's race - you just never know.  And I enjoyed a Jamba Juice for my recovery drink.  I don't get one very often so it was a fun treat. 

As soon as I got home my husband was working on home repairs so I took a couple of the kiddos out to the farmer's market in SLC.  It has been on my list all summer and it was fun to finally go.  Here's some of our fun finds!

This guy is making kettlecorn right there in the park!  I finished half the bag by myself.  That's a good post-recovery meal, right?
Me with 2 of my kids.
 Some radishes, squash and cucs with fresh bakery baguettes and loaves... mmmmmm.

I swear every other person had a cute dog with them.  This guy was our favorite!

 Fresh eggs, the live chicken coup was there too!  Fresh raspberries, my personal fave.  And Sweet Salt Lake Fresh Mint Limeade - perfect for a summer day!
I don't know if you can tell in the picture but his bike is actually hooked up to the piano.  Notice the wheels... : ).  He was very talented.  All those lessons as a kid payed off!

Now just relaxing on a hot Sunday evening.  Might still go for a walk with the kids if it can cool off a little.  Love great weekends! 

**Monday I will be sharing my new favorite strength training workout. It's a good one for those little muscles that have a hard time getting worked!


  1. Okay Miss Dawn, LOVE this post!!!! Such fun pictures. I have never EVER been to Red Butte Gardens. Next time I am totally joining you. Looks like you found some good stuff at the farmers market! Awesome job on your run, you rock girl!!!!!

  2. Love the pics! THe garden looks awesome--we have one around here I'v been meaning to take the kids to.