Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Power Song Tuesday

First off I want to thank those that offered me some helpful tips yesterday for my quad super-flex problem! I was still having issues with my quads so I tried some cold therapy, like Theresa suggested, and I'm feeling a ton better than I did yesterday. I had a free sample from my race swag bag of Biofreeze and used it only a couple times and it worked! On the information sheet it said it simulates the feel and results from sitting in an ice bath but without the pain of an ice bath. They did not lie. So I did sweat it out in the sauna last night for 30 minutes or so but tonight I'm looking forward to a nice easy run.
Today I thought I'd give some suggestions for that itunes gift card that some lucky winner is going to receive! It's so fun to have new music to run to...  (Make sure you click on the itunes box on my side bar to enter!)

1. Serena Williams Spontaneous Speed Workout - This is one of the workouts that Nike put together and I really don't love a lot of their workouts but this is one I come back to over and over again. It's from 2007 but I still use it during my training now. I use it on days that I don't want to plan my speed workout, which sometimes seems like every other week! It has great music and you have Serena in your ear telling you when to go, when to slow and a little chit chat here and there to distract you. One of the great things about it is that you can measure if you're getting faster or not using the same workout. It's about 30 minutes long, so the first time you do it you may get in only 3 miles but a couple months down the road closer to 4 miles. A measuring stick if you will... Anyways - worth the $10 in my book.

2. Are You In?: Nike+ Original Run - Now I'm not being paid by Nike but this is the only other Nike music I've liked. It doesn't have a trainer talking in the background but it is original music put together made for a run. The music has a warmup pace, picks it up a little and a tempo section and then cool down pace. It was put together by De La Soul, all you 80's hip hop fans oughta know them, and it is great! It is perfect for my 5 mile run - it's 45 minutes long, so another good measuring stick to see how you're doing in your training. Of course they have lots of other choices if you're not a hip hop fan, but these two are my faves!

While we're in the mindset of Nike+, let's talk power songs... Everyone has em. They play them on continuous replay at every start line at every race. Eye of the tiger, Beautiful Day, Born To Run... But my personal fave has gotta be Sexyback. I know, I know. Last week it was Justin Beiber and now I'm up to Justin Timberlake, but somehow that song is definitely a power song for me, has been for I guess a few years now! Love it, doesn't get old. Workin that body out on the run, bringin' sexy back - well as much as a 30-something, mother of 5 can do... I try.

So just a few ideas of how to use your giftcard... What's your powersong? Any good training mixes you've come across? What music gets your legs turning over just a little bit faster?

And for all you JT fans...  get your sexy on... ;)


  1. My power song was Stonger by Kanye for a long time.

    I am having a hard time commenting on your giveaway...but I want to enter!

  2. Gotta love Kanye...having a hard time commenting on giveaway...how can i help?

  3. I really don't listen to music when I run. When I was running Grandma's half they had music playing and I enjoyed the Black Eyed Peas...I Got A Feeling! That sort of helped me get a little extra pep to my step:)

    Great video...getting my sexy on:)