Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summertime Tunesday

Who doesnt' love Will Smith?  Come on... Love this song.  Never gets old and even though its a slower beat it always make me smile while out on a run.  Summer out in my corner of the woods is heating up.  Although we haven't been poppin any water plugs, just for ol' times sake, we've been doing lots of fun swim days with the kids, bbq's, and our family eats a watermelon a day!  I still haven't made it to our local farmer's market yet but it's on my list for this week! 

I'm over my bad run from yesterday.  I had to let it go out into the universe.  And even though I was trying to tell that dog where to go, I hope he made it home. : )  On to better runs for the week.

Tonight I have the opportunity to speak to a group of women that are beginning a 30 day fitness challenge!  I'm so excited!  I'm going with my friend Lindsay, some of you may know her from healthystride.blogspot.com.  She's going to be discussing health, fitness and weight loss and I am speaking about running and how to begin a program.  It's my first time talking to a group on the subject but I feel like it's going to be great.  I talk about running all the time to anyone that will let me catch their ear and tonight I'll have 30 or so cornered, so they'll have to listen!  Wish me luck... and luck to the women taking the 30 day challenge!


  1. Good luck tonight...I'm sure it'll be great fun!

  2. I just made it our farmers market last week and got some delicious stuff! There was a woman there with baked goods, so my kids were thrilled with the cinnamon rolls. :)