Friday, July 16, 2010

Flashback Fridays

One of my favorite races is one in Northern California.  It is called the Sequoia Trail Race and is put on by Pacific Coast Trail Runs.  They have a whole series of trail runs through the state and are a very organized racing group.  I did the race in February of 2007.  It was actually a particularly warm February for the Bay Area.  Race day was beautiful and the whole race was through wooded trails and single track bike trails.  Gorgeous. 

At every aid station they had sweet and salty snacks.  M&M's, almonds, trail mix, gummy bears. I had never done a race that had aid/hydration stations like that before.  I was used to gatorade/water and be on your way and maybe a Gu at the halfway point.  At first it seemed kinda funny to take snacks from one giant bowl with 300 other runners but you needed fuel so... when in the woods, do as the woodsmen.  : )   During trail races you go in with the mentality that you're not going to PR on any distance so you really just completely enjoy the run, all those around running with you and the scenery.  Whenever I'd come up to an aid station it wasn't drink and go, it was pause at the snack table, talk it up with whatever runners happen to be there and thank the volunteers that were hanging out in the mountains for the day, handing out fuel.  Relaxed and fun. And once you got to the end of the race, it was a bowl of chili or chicken noodle soup.  Seriously.  How great is that?   I would love to go back and do that race again! 

Side notes...  I have an exciting week coming up and can't wait to share more but as always another crazy weekend coming up!  And... I'm super sore!  I'll tell you all about my awesome training session on Monday.  Preview: my trainer wasn't an 18 yr old that just got his PT certificate last month!  Yay...


  1. I have never done a trail run, but that sounds like so much fun! I should check one out. Sometimes it is so nice to running for the enjoyment, instead of the competition. I tend to get wrapped up in the competition most of the time.

  2. Best water/snack stations ever! I love running in NorCal too!

  3. I have never heard of a race like that before...I am afraid I would stop and eat all the snacks...but in reality sounds great!=)

  4. now that is my kind of aid station!! it looks like a beautiful place to run too