Monday, July 19, 2010

TRX Training

Last Wednesday I met up with a trainer for my freebie session at the gym.  I gave him my 'I've been working out awhile, I know my way around the gym, just try and throw something at me that I haven't tried before...' speech.  I really wasn't that arrogant but I try to be tough.  : )  So he says, 'Have you tried TRX training before?' with a little giggle in his voice.  And I honestly had not ever heard of it.  I must be out of the loop cause there are a zillion pictures on the Internet of it.  Here's the basic system...
Yep it's just some straps with handles, but holy moly it works you.  All the exercises are done with your own body weight.  I wish I would have brought my camera or iphone with me to actually show some of the exercises I did. 

A 45 minute session with these bad boys and I was sore for days!  I did push-ups with my feet in the straps and just stabilizing to keep the straps from moving is a workout all by itself.  He also had me do one legged dead lifts with a 25 lb bar and I think that's what did me in...  Sore hammies and booty my friends.  I also did the one legged squats pictured above as well as leaning bicep curls, tricep pull, planks, pull ups and more.  I can't wait to do this workout again!  The only downfall is that the gym only has a couple sets of straps so it can only be done in a trainings session.  Way to sell it trainers.  So, ya, you guessed it, with my tough speech and all, I signed up for training sessions.  Two, hour sessions a month for $30 (shared sessions with my sister - she pays $30 a month as well).  I'd say that's a pretty dang good deal.  We get some other stuff too - workouts to do while not with trainer and some diet plans etc.  But between all my running I think I could only handle this workout every other week!  If your gym offers it - do it!  It works all major muscle groups as well as those little stabilizer muscles that never get worked.  In between your shoulder blades, little muscles in the triceps, the side dimples of your booty, and hamstrings big time!  I will definitely request a workout with them again!  Anyone else ever tried them?


  1. I have never tried that...sounds like a great and interesting workout!!!

  2. I've never heard of it either but looks interesting!

  3. It's funny cause it's one of those things that you get through the workout and feel pretty tough that you made it through and then the next day you're like,"What the heck?" Hurtin! :)

  4. Looks fun!!! I have done TRX training before and it ROCKS!!!!

    ps so happy your on twitter, I am following you there now too.