Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Official! Part 2 - Even More Official...

Yesterday I told you about a new running friend named Amy.  Well Amy happens to be a writer for the Deseret News, Utah's oldest continually daily running newspaper and second in daily circulation. She wrote a story about my 12 in 12 adventure and it's on the cover of the Outdoor section in today's paper!  Check it out...

I know, crazy, right?  I can't even believe it to be to be totally honest with you.  So now, it's even more official to carry out my goal.  It's not just black & white on the computer screen - it's black & white in documented newsprint, archived and kept for generations...  Getting a little carried away now?  Yeah, I think so too.

Anyways, I got to speak with Amy Donaldson, who has her own blog on Deseret News website, over the phone first and then we met up at the media preview for the Dirty Dash this week.  She was kind and definitely a force to be reckoned with!  She is running all 13 Ragnar races this year!  Some teams she's putting together and other races she's jumping in with teams that just need a runner!  So brave!  She's off to Washington this weekend and I'll be thinking about her covering her mileage with a team she doesn't even know, while I'm covering the mileage of the Deseret News Marathon this weekend.

Also in the article, Amy wrote about a man named John Bozung, who is completing his 300th marathon this Saturday at the same race as me!  Wow!  He is very motivational and has an unofficial world record for running at least a marathon a month for 188 months!  Something to work towards!  I'm definitely keeping my eye out for him this weekend in hopes for a chance to talk it up!  Amazing...

So countdown to marathon....2 more days.  No running today or tomorrow.  I did an easy 2 miles last night just to get some nerves out.  Water, water and more water! I started eating a couple of extra servings of carbs yesterday.  An extra piece of wheat bread and an extra piece of fruit throughout the day.  Today I'll do the same with 3 extra carbs tomorrow with some pasta tomorrow night.  Tonight is the packet pick-up, so we'll see what this years T-shirt looks like as well as what other goodies might get thrown in!

And, hey, if you're a Utah dweller go pick up a copy of the Deseret News!  Whew hew!


  1. OOOH I'm the first to comment.
    Way to Go WOMAN you're my hero.

  2. Way to go!!!! That is a great write up. You are amazing!!!!

  3. It IS official! You rock :) Good luck!

  4. What have I gotten myself into? Thanks for the comments. I am looking forward to the challenge.

  5. Wow, you're famous! Nothing like a little pressure to keep you motivated. Good luck on Saturday, you'll do great.

  6. Wow...that is awesome! Congrats!!

  7. VERY cool! Have a great race, enjoy the ride :)