Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Undo It

Tuesdays are officially Tunesdays. I know, not original, but it just fits so perfectly. I am so not a country fan but this song could cause me to get a little extra kick in my step. The live version is the best. Enjoy!
On to sad music news... My old school silver ipod nano is dying a slow death. Tears, tears, tears. It has been with me for years. Gotten me through lots of races, lots of long runs, and lots of long sessions in the dry sauna. Yesterday while out on my long run, it would not let me select songs, scroll, or really see past the main menu list. I got it to play and thankfully my husband loaded some killer mixes the night before. No way could I survive a 20 mile long run without music. It made me feel a little extra sadness remembering the moment when I realized I washed my husband's brand new blue ipod nano zipped up in my running pants. I should have been a little more upset, he should have been a little more upset. He had just got a new iphone though, so come on, don't get too mad at me... It all worked out, however I can't "Undo It" and get that ipod back. Crap. :)

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