Music Downloads

Welcome to my music download page. I wanted to try something new and share with you the music that gets me through my work outs and especially my long runs. I will post at least a few a week so that you can rotate through them and not get bored of the same music playing in your ear. As a courtesy, if you hear some not so nice lyrics, I apologize up front. I try and screen these as best I can.

Simply click on the file, save, and download to your computer. From there, you can transfer directly to your music player, phone, whatever. This is the best and easiest way to listen to these mixes without interruption. If you want to get fancy with your super duper smart phone, you can go to / music downloads / select the music mix link of your choice / plug your earphones in and you are on your way. Now, as a disclosure for the latter option, be sure you are in a good coverage area as the file will be playing over your 3G/4G connection. Downloading directly to your phone may or may not work. As stated before, for the best quality, I would recommend downloading it first and transferring it to your player for uninterrupted play.

If you choose to re-post or share through your blog, site, or public medium, please credit the DJ that is listed next to the link. If you would be so kind as to credit this site as your source I would appreciate it. So, for your running and workout pleasure...

RacingDawnKIDSMix071311DJScottyFox.mp3 (57:10) Scotty Fox knew that he couldn't leave the kids out. If you are going on a road trip or need an hour of music for your kids parties this mix is perfect. Some iCarly, Victorious, Hannah Montana, Suite Life, Wizards of Waverly Place, and others for your kids to enjoy. Download it today and get your kids moving too!

RacingDawn071311MixDJScottyFox.mp3 (42:37) Scotty Fox dance mix may make you want to dance instead of workout...not such a bad thing right? Download it today and get your workout or dance in?

RacingDawnMix071111DJBernieB.mp3 (1:19:38) DJ Bernie B puts together this summer mix with his favorite superhero intro. Katy Perry, Usher, Pink, New Boys and many more to get you going. Download it today and get your workout in!

RacingDawnMix070611DJFish.mp3 (84:25) DJ Fish puts together a mash of some old/new r&b, rock, pop, and oldies tracks mixed with a hip hop feel. Some of these will pleasantly surprise you. Download it today and get your workout in!

RacingDawn80sMix070111DJScottyFox.mp3 (1:19:06) DJ Scotty Fox once again delivers what I promised earlier...your 80s mix. So pull out your Aquanet hairspray because you're gonna need it once you sweat out those feathered bangs. You might also want to pull out your long white tube socks with the big stripes at the top or your booty socks with the furry balls on the back. Rick Springfield, Duran Duran, Talking Heads, The Cars, Flock of Seagalls, and many more will accompany you on this one. Pop the collars up on your allligator polos and have some fun. Download it today and get your workout in!

4th of July BBQ Mix Bonus (1:08:27) DJ Rells lays down a nice mix to chill to during the holiday. I figure since I can't be in Hawaii for the 4th...I'd share a nice and smooth reggae from the likes of J-Boog, Fiji, Jason Mraz, Kolohe Kai, and many more to enjoy in the sun. Happy 4th everyone!!

RacingDawnMix062911DJFish.mp3 (1:20:53) DJ Fish brings the most popular hits of 2011 thus far. If this doesn't get your moving, I am not sure what will. Beyonce, Jay Sean, Lady Gaga, Taio Cruz, JLO, and much more. Download it today and get your workout in!

RacingDawnMix062711.mp3 (29:40) DJ Tony Tone on the 1s and 2s with Far East Movement, Black Eyed Peas, Jason Derulo, etc. Downoad it today and get your workout in!

RacingDawnRunningMix061311.mp3 (46:23) DJ Scotty Fox puts in work again with some TI, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Nikki Minaj, Usher, etc. Download it today and get your workout in!

RacingDawnRunningMix060911.mp3 (1:17:42) DJ Scotty Fox is always a good mix to start things off with. Rhianna, Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Trey Songs, Snoop, Jay Z, etc. should get you going just fine. Download it today and get your workout in!