Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Training

Summer time is so tricky for training.  I know I'm not alone in this.  Its just as hard to fit running in as it is to try to actually build mileage, do quality runs or complete runs with a purpose. 

Our family went on a family campout last weekend which had us away from home on Saturday, aka Longrunday, so I put it off til Monday.  No prob.  Tuesday my husband and older boys left out of town for a camp out leaving me to be creative on how to fit running in with no one to watch my three younger kids.  I asked my sister to come watch the kids while I thought I would go kick out a quick 4 mile run with some speed intervals and get right back home.  To the gym, run, get back home - 45 min tops. 

Allow me to give a quick back story...  My gym contract has been up for several months but I've just let it go to a month to month status because I'm always looking for the best deal.  A manager has been calling me at my home weekly to see when I would sign and recommit to a new contract, offering better rates each time we talked.  So last night on my 'quick trip' to the gym the manager actually saw me come in to the gym and somewhat cornered me on a treadmill.  He was nice and all but nothing like a little pressure, make a decision now kind of sale.  It did feel like he all but offered me stock in the company to resign but hey I'll take it!  Lower monthly rate, next month free, free training session with a legit triathlete, free childcare, free tanning - alright sign me up.  Sounded good to me, should of held out two years ago when I signed up to get all that stuff.  Oh well...  An hour and a half later I got home with contract in hand to be able to have the kiddos watched while I go run next time for free! Sweet!

So I did get that quick run in but had to bring Slurpee's home to smooth things over with my sister.  Luckily she's the best sister ever and didn't even mind that I was longer than I had planned!  Love her.  And I shouldn't complain about fitting in summer training because the school year time is just as tough - it's all a juggling act.  Good thing I love it!

Dilemma of the week:  I'm going to be out of town again on Saturday...  So do I do my long run Friday night, remember I just did a 20 on Monday, and it will probably still be in the 80's Friday night.  Or do I do it on Monday, and throw next week off too?   Decisions, decisions....


  1. wow that's awesome that you were able to rock such a great deal! and slurpees = best thing ever in summer. kind of want one now :)

    hmmmm as for the LR i'd say do it friday night. but that's just because i like doing things immediately rather than later. plus i'm a mileage junkie ;) if youre legs are still feeling the 20 from this past monday i'd say that it's smart and okay to wait and throw another week off. you can always correct it down the line

  2. I know, I'm kinda leaning towards Friday night. Legs are feeling good. That is til I hit mile 16 and have to sit on the corner with my thumb out hoping someone will drive me home! ;)

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Haven't run the OBX marathon before, but I've read some good reviews and I'm ready to give it a go. Was debating between that one and Marine Corps, but I'm saving MCM for next year.

    12 marathons in 12 months - most impressive. You should make OBX one of the 12. You could join my dad and me for a hops-based recovery drink.