Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who Runs This Mutha....

Apparently Beyonce does.  And girls.  But I don't want to exclude anyone... :)

As some of you may know, I am a HUGE music fan.  As well as a pop-culture fan, but for today's purposes let's talk music.  I would say 90% of my workouts I have my earphones in. 


1. I love bass while running.  Bass in the back of a lowered truck
    driving through my neighborhood at midnight...not so much.
2. Sometimes I just need a kick in the butt and music obliges.
3. I love running to a rhythm.
4. I can practice my madrappingskillz.
5. I can practice my maddancingskillz.
6. It works for me.

I know some of you don't need it or even like it while running.  And that's great.  A little weird, but I won't judge. :)

For those of you that are in the same boat as me...the boat that is rockin to the beat...I've got a little treat for you!!!  Call it a gift from me to you.  If you're on your computer, look up to the tabs or side bar on my blog page.  Click on music downloads.  You will then see a little info followed by a list of playlists.  These are professional mixes that you can download, put into your itunes and load to you music player.  If you're on your mobile/cellular device and can access my blog, click on the arrow by the Home button and scroll down and select music downloads.  Pick your mix and it will IMMEDIATELY load up and play right on you iPhone, blackberry, whatever!!!  Put your earphones in and go run, you're set!

How cool is that?????  Free music.  Awesome, upbeat mixes at your finger tips!  They range from 30 minutes to an hour and a half in length.  Right now the mixes I have available are pop/top 40 and hiphop.  I've got an 80's one coming and if you put in some requests I'll see what I can do!

I know that some have been downloaded already.  Let me know how you like them!  Or not like them, I can take it...I think.  Hopefully they'll help and put a little extra kick in your workout too!


  1. perfect timing!! :) I will check these out for sure...thank you! I've NEVER raced with music. Ever. Even in my smaller marathons (well, I've only run 3 ha!) but i have a marathon coming up on Monday (for fun) and will want to use music and I don't have a playlist I like so I'm excited to try one of these.

  2. you run this mutha. you know it.

    I for one and going to leave a comment THEN steal your music. So I thank you NOW and I thank you 8,474 times for an hour ago and well mostly every minute since I ment you.

  3. What about your madbeatboxingskillz? 12 marathons, 12 months, 315 miles of wiki-wiki-wiki goodness.

    Have to check out the Racing Dawn tunes. Always up for something new on the iPod. I ALWAYS run with music, much to the chagrin of all the purists.

  4. You rock! I will definitely be checking this out and I can't wait for the 80s one.

  5. yep, I will love the 80's one too! Thanks Dawn :)

  6. i'm in the process of setting my goals. the primary goal: bike. while the man is gone, i'm hoping to get serious about it. right now i'm looking at 26 miles as my distance... i'm just not sure about the times yet. anyway... point being, i'll be in the market for some new tunes. i did just download a super version of "when love takes over" that frenchie did on the voice. check it out.

  7. i downloaded the 2011 hits so far mix and listened to it while at the gym this afternoon! i loved it :) thanks sooooo much for sharing!!! i cant wait to check out the rest of the mixes too!

  8. This is soooo cool, thanks!! I can't run w/o music and always looking for something new!! Thanks thanks thanks!!!

  9. Very cool!! I'm always looking for new tunes. Thank you!!!

  10. Didn't wok on my work BB but it's a great idea!

  11. Awesome Dawn!! Thanks for the tunes. ;)

    I will check out the music on my hubby's computer because that is the one we use for our IPODs. I am all over the 80's (and Beyonce, and rap, and rock... I like a weird mix!)

    And I wanna hear the mad rapping skillz. :)

  12. I always run with music on the roads, too. Where else can I indulge my closet fondness for Justin Bieber, Taio Cruz, Britney Spears, Diddy Dirty Money, et al (my husband despises hip hop and my kids just think I'm embarrassing.) So thank you!! I'll check out your mixes later today.

  13. irun with music about half and half now. I really enjoy some quiet time at the beginning of my runs

  14. This should be interesting. Just a hunch, but our musical tastes don't line up. I guess we'll see.

  15. I love #4 and #5! ;) Thanks for sharing this RD!!!! I like to mix music and musicless (don't judge) runs!