Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Good News Tuesday

I ran last night.  On the treadmill.  For fifty minutes.  Okay, I ran two minutes, walked one minute.  But for fifty minutes.  My knee didn't feel like it was going to snap off.  Still flashes of discomfort, but it's getting better, which is good news. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the pool.  However, aqua jogging endless laps can mess with your mind.  I still have some more water sprinting in my future but I'm able to add in some land miles too.

In other good news...as I was leaving the gym, I saw this poster...

What?!?!?  Workout with this guy???  Sign me up!  I've still be doing the Insanity workouts a few times a week and seriously, I'm dripping sweat in the first 6 minutes of warm up.  That intensity training is something else.  I'm supposed to be somewhere else on that Saturday, but I'm trying to make it happen.  How awesome would that be???  Any of my Utah peeps gonna be there?

Have you ever worked out with Shaun T?  Have you done a class in LA?  Or worked out with another fitness celeb... the Tae Bo guy or Tony Horton?  :)

And some good news?  Please share???  I'm still floating from my run last night...


  1. Woot for the run! Awesome the knee is starting to behave.
    Color me clueless: who is this Shaun T??
    Nevertheless he looks like he'd be a great workout mate!
    Good news? I survived this morning's 8 without melting completely. :P

  2. Congrats on the knee.
    Love me some Shaun T! Just posted on him yesterday, he's a cutie and he makes me hurt!! I mix in Insanity w/my Jillian Michaels on line workouts 4 days a week and run 4 days a week....Insanity is by far the hardest part of my week, but also very enjoyable!! He's a beast. Would love to workout with him!!

  3. I'm probably way late to the party here, but awesome new header! Looks really cool.

    Congrats on your run and knee recovery.

  4. Good for you! I totally hear you on the water running...I am SICK to death of it!

  5. I have done an aerobics class in LA. I was over there about 16 years ago with my sisters (all gym junkies) so of course we went and worked out. It was so much fun!