Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Fun...

Every morning when I have arrived at the pool, every lane is doubled up in the deep end.  Today, Saturday, this is the beautiful vision that I was able to behold....

NO ONE in the deep end.  It was perfect.  I didn't have to wear my purple running socks!  My feet didn't have to get shredded up!  And I could do my aqua jogging without any impact on my knees.  I will say though, that an hour and a half of 'running' water laps seems endless.  But, chalk it up.  Another water workout done and recovery to the knee in a quiet pool. 

And somehow this caught my eye everytime I turned a lap...

Thanks Rec Center...for the reminder that I am not running.

And then on the door as I head out...

I know you just finished swimming here but there's a local half marathon next month.  Hope you can make it Ms. Aqua Jogger.  Thanks again Rec Center.

And it's perfect running weather here.  My view on the way home...

Not the best pic but just know it's beautful blue skies and mid 70's.  Love it.  Hopefully I'll be back on the running circuit in another week.  Fingers crossed.

Happy Weekend!


  1. It was beautiful here today in Kansas City too. Mid 80s and blue skies. Loved it!! It's been so hot, it was a nice refreshing day.

    I don't think aqua jogging would be very fun. Hopefully you are better soon.

  2. Ahhh got it :) Really happy for you that you got to "run" in the deep end today!
    Hope you can get back out there soon...but, I'm sure your body thanks you for the rest :)

  3. I have one word for you Dawn . . . one word . . . cycling.

  4. That pool is a sight to see! What a big pool. I love it when there is no one in our dinky little 3 lane pool...and that doesn't happen often.

    Even if it's not a swim day, sometimes I'll throw on my suit and go for a swim just because I feel like I should take advantage of the opportunity of a completely vacant pool.

  5. In all my time off running (whaaa), everyone told me to go aqua jogging but the gym I belong to doesn't have a deep end neither does the rec center near me ... nor 3 other places I called....I am so glad for you that you have one, and a really cool one at that. I hope you're back out on the road running soon, I know how badly your legs want to!!!

  6. Bummer about the time off running - if you feel silly aqua jogging every day, swimming is pretty great cardio too... :)

    Congrats on your 12/12 and look forward to reading about your road to Boston!