Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three Things Thursday

Before I start, can I just say I LOVE TTT?!?!  It just takes so much pressure off...I can always come up with three random, non-related things. : )

1.  Two more school days left.  Does anyone else cram more in the last week of school than the whole rest of the school year knowing that you'll have ALL the kiddos home for the next. three. months. 

2.  My first pair of are NOT running shoes....

I know.  So cute right?  It even just shows the toenails that I still have.  Bonus.  Thanks to my cute sister Callie...she thought is was about time to update my shoe closet from nike to cute summer heels.

3.  After this last marathon my IT Band decided to call it quits.  I'm just glad it waited til #12.  

And because of it I am now resigned to the pool.  It's now aqua jogging for me.  I'm aware of a few of you out there that are currently or have recently had to spend some pool time for recovery.  I hope to be as strong as you and not lose hope. 

Any aqua tips you'd like to share???  Summer plans???  Cute shoes???  I'm up for anything today!  Two more days left til summer officially begins.  Yahoooo!!!


  1. New shoes before summer are always nice. Good luck with the aqua jogging! Hope that IT band is nice to you :)

  2. LOVE the shoes--where did you get them? I think I need to copy you. :)

  3. With so many injured runners, I'm sure there's a company that makes some cute aquajogging shoes.

  4. Hi Dawn! Congrats on almost-summer vacation!!! My kids got out on Thurs :) LOVING pool time so far! LOVING your new red shoes ;)

  5. Ugh sorry the ITB pooped out on you but good timing right?
    How gorgeous are both pairs of shoes?? Love!
    I've done my share of pool running, I'll scare up a link to a post I did on it for you.

  6. It's just as well you didn't lose your two big toenails. Those shoes wouldn't have looked half as good without them.
    Hope the ITB heals fast.

  7. I love TTT too thought I often end up with more than 3.

  8. My children have been out for just over a week. I love the summer. No getting up early. No schedule. Lots of help. Oh wait - for some reason they are not lots of help. Anyway, I love it.

    Do you have a foam roller? They work wonders on your IT band. P.S. Nice work on the 12 in 12.

  9. 1. Yes. I usually paint & room, do lashes for 9 hours & school reports x 5.

    2. Like the shoes. But. I think you need fewer toenails & another 3" on the heel.

    3. You've got this aqua jog thing. Seriously girl. It'll all work out. Stay positive as you always do.

  10. Nice of your ITB to wait until you finished the dozen. Would have been even nicer to just not act up at all, but we all know that ITBs are known for behaving badly, no matter how much we try to teach them otherwise. Hope the recovery is quick and the time in the pool treats you well.

    Sadly no aqua tips, exciting Summer plans, nor cute shoes to share.

  11. Love the shoes! I'd have to paint my toenails black though, to match the big one on the left foot.

    Sorry to hear about the IT band, but I'm glad it waited till after the 12. Time to rest up a little. Hang in there!

  12. ok
    does this mean there wil;l be a post tomorrow because it's ummmmm now THURSDAY again!!??

    The "heat" really has gotten to you.


  13. I am loving your new header Dawn!! And yay to new cutie patootie shoes but but to the ITband acting up :(