Wednesday, June 15, 2011


My family is pretty great.  I have a cousin, Kelli...who I don't even have a picture of, which makes me a little mad, who is awesome!!!  Last summer she started running.  I can't remember how it all went down, but I basically picked the Rock n Roll San Antonio race last November so I could visit her (she's a Texas gal) and run a race with her!  She ran her first half marathon and did amazing!!  She's still running and I'm hoping she'll do the Rock n Roll Las Vegas this year!  So fun.

Yesterday I went to the mailbox and found a little package...addressed to me from Kelli!  I was so excited. Popped it open and inside was the cutest little package!

And inside this cute little tin was this...

The cutest necklace ever!!!  My camera was giving me grief so it might be a little hard to tell...but on the small copper circle it says '314.4' which is 26.2 miles x 12 marathons!!!  Awesome.  And then on the outer silver circle it says 'TWELVE IN TWELVE'.  So awesome.  I immediately put it on....

I know.  Goofball pic.  Haven't mastered the art of taking self-portraits. ; )  Anyways, I LOVE, love, LOVE, love it!  Thank you sooo much Kelli!  So thoughtful!

In other jewelry news...  I was sitting on my couch today and when I got up, I saw something sparkling at me on the cushion.  I picked it up thinking it was one of my girls play jewelry.  When I looked closer I thought, hmmm, that looks familiar.  I then looked at my wedding ring and sure enough, the diamond had fallen out!!!!

How lucky am I that I actually saw it when it fell out!!!  So now I'm bandless and I have the ugliest indentation where my ring has sat for 16 years. 

So we have 3 options....

(1)  Repair, put diamond back in existing ring.

(2)  Get a whole new ring.  Good grief, 16 years, I can splurge on a new ring, right?

(3)  Take $$$ I would spend on new ring and have a getaway to here...

Just got the email this afternoon.  I think it's a sign.

Ever lost your wedding ring???  Or the diamond out of it???

I'm thinking of downsizing to a simple band.  Have you upgraded or downgraded from your OG wedding ring?


  1. #2
    yes mr. RD. I said "and".


    C o s t c o baby!

    Carrots -and karats

    You can find it all at Costco.

  2. 1. love the blog header!!!
    2. so so lucky on the diamond situation! i lost my ring completely a few years ago, so i know that is scary.
    3. love the new necklace! so sweet and personal!

  3. Replace the diamond in the old setting, Go with a simple band, and go to Hawaii!
    I have a simple band and rarely wear my engagement ring. It's just not practical (not that it's very big or anything). But...I'm all about vacations...

  4. I haven't lost any diamonds (yet) and I hope to never ever have that least not yet, it's been under 5 years! But I don't think I'd want a different ring. Mine is too big for me right now so I can't wear it when I run :S

  5. Diamonds
    -mr RD

  6. How sweet and thoughtful of your cousin to send you that great necklace!

    I also lost the diamond in my engagement ring...but, I really lost the diamond. I never got it renewed and wear my very plain wedding band.

    Hawaii all the way!

  7. That vacation is tempting. Maybe I should lose my wedding ring...

  8. So, I've been a little absent and playing catch up...

    Love your new blog look (even if they aren't your legs). Sorry to hear about your ITB issues but glad to hear you're living it up in the pool world. Love the necklace. Sorry about your ring, pretty amazing that you noticed it right when it happened. I've been lucky thus far (almost 10 years) but I only have one diamond and a very plain band... I don't think it will be going anywhere anytime soon... unfortunately not even to Hawaii. I'm with Emz though, #2 & #3!

  9. i upgraded wedding rings.

    -no further comment-

  10. for the record, however, i like a straight band better than a raised diamond. the raised diamond catches on everything.

  11. I'd say find a cute simple ring that isn't super pricey that you love, then use the left-over funds to go on a trip!

    Because... it's Hawaii... and it looks epic. I've never been, but I am planning on scrimping and saving my little you-know-what off the rest of this year so my hubby and I can go next April! (and yes, I'm planning on running a race while I'm there, lol)

  12. Awesome that you found it. Amazing necklace!! I say smaller ring and a vacation.

  13. Kelli, is my friend, neighbor and running buddy. She's amazing, so thoughtful, and she got me hooked on your blog.
    I just upgraded my ring, hey after so many years you don't even like the same thing. But I got a lab created diamond, and it's awesome, I spent a 10th of the price, so you can go to hawaii too.

  14. Take the money and run!! At least you found the diamond so you can have fixed and then you'll have some awesome memories from your trip!

  15. #2 and tell J to work 24/7 for #3

  16. Haha EMZ!

    First LOVE the necklace! How sweet!
    Hmmmm I think Hawaii...especially with the price of gold lately...or you could go platinum...I'm no help.
    Sooo glad you found your diamond.
    And yes, I lost a diamond engagement ring, even worse it wasn't mine, but my mom's. Will NEVER live that down.

  17. What a lovely necklace!!! That is perfect RD!!

    Gosh, my parents are jewelers and would help you fix that prong!! If you are thinking a ring re-design too let me know, "Diamonds are forever darling" ;) but trips to HI are fan-freaking-tastic too! So thankful you spotted the diamond!