Friday, June 10, 2011

It's All About The Feet

So I haven't purchased my aqua shoes yet. This is a good look, right?  My feet are literally tore up on their soles.  When I woke up this morning I thought, hey, I'll just wear my running socks.  That'll work.  And it did, for the most part.  I've got a big circle blister right at the ball of my foot.  But no shredding today.  I'm really not cheap, it's just that I think I'll only be aqua jogging for another week or two.  I'm thinking the socks will work. 

Today it was 30 second sprints, in the pool.  My heart rate was up so I figure it's a workout.  For some reason though it just doesn't feel like it.  I'm breathing hard, but not sweating.  I'm running hard and then recovering.  And to top it all off... the blue haired ladies are giving me the crazy looks like I'm the lightweight that can't swim or do water aerobics.  Whatever. ; )

I'm in the pool 4 days a week and doing some core/strength and stretching the other days.  I'm new to all this serious recovery stuff.  It's pretty nice.

And I did finally get a real legit summer pedicure.  You'd never know that I'm missing 3 toenails.  Don't mind my cat, she wanted to be in the pic too.

And just this afternoon, I went out my front door to find this stuck to it...

It's like they already know.  But if they really knew how bad it was behind my front door they would have sent their whole crew to my doorstep. ;)

I'm off to finish cleaning today so that we can actually enjoy the weekend!!!  Have a good one!


  1. woah, where have I been? new stuff all over the place

  2. Call them.
    Hire. Them. Now.

    Hot. Legs. Chicka.
    Even with the Asian flip flop look goin'.

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Can I sent the 5 eleven year olds to your place?
    I know
    I know
    I'm looking for my better attitude.

  3. I definitely need a cleaning crew myself =)

  4. Love the new header!
    I always thought pool running was to be done in the deep end with a floating device?
    Oh do send that cleaning crew over here please!!

    BTW, I love the new goal :) BQ baby!

  5. Flip flops and socks. Niiiiiiiiice! ;-)

  6. You deserve multiple pedis after your marathon year!! Your feet look great--I'm afraid I scare the peeps trying to make mine look "presentable'!