Monday, June 13, 2011

I Hate Eating My Words.

It all started with this...

My boys are Heat fans.  Actually, they just love seeing awesome athletes perform awesomely.  Earlier in the playoff season it was Wade and James.  My boys are ballers.  Well, they're working on it anyways.  Basketball camps all summer.  So for jokes, I sent a quick text to a certain someone that said...'I just picked up Dwayne and LeBron.'  Accompanied by that pic.  Who knew what can of worms I had just opened...

Sidenote:  I'm competitve.  I HATE losing.  And I know how to talk a real big game.  If anyone followed on twitter, I may or may not have gotten a little carried away a couple times.  Bantar is fun.  It seems like I might have said something like... "I'll start looking around for a grievance counselor for you...for when the Mavs lose."  and "No one likes to play games with me. I'm a bad loser, mostly cause I don't have much experience with losing.  Just a little FYI.  Heat will win."  I know. 

I even wore this on game day...

And I even thanked her for designing her t-shirt in Heat colors.  I just kept diggin' my hole.

The saddest part of all...

Even D-Wade tried to make himself a homemade version to try give him a little strength.  Emz denied him on the OG version.  It's ok D-Wade.  There's always next season.  You'll get another ring and MAYBE a real RUN-EMZ shirt, if you play your cards right.

So....congratulations to the Mavs.

You deserved it.  You played your hearts out.  And you killed the Heat.

And were right.

I owe you some cupcakes.

Bleeccchhh.  I feel like I'm gonna be sick.  Admitting defeat is not a good look for me.  ; )


  1. Ugh. I'm with you. Heartbreaking. Hate eating my words.

    There's always next year though....

  2. Ok. Just hit stop on the mill. right?!

    D Wade. WHEN he's wearing my shirt.

    Awwwww. Heck. Yes. Heck. Freaking. Yes.

    This. Made. Me. All. Sorts. Of. Happy.

    It's ok RD. The Mavs forgive you and will love having your kids wearing THEIR jerseys - next season.

    I. Adore. You. RD.

  3. My boys were totally rooting for Miami, too. :-(

  4. Mavs! Mavs!!!
    I could not love them more..
    they took LA LAKERS out
    that is plenty enough for me!

  5. Ha Ha! Well at least you can own up to it...

  6. Racing D.
    There were some pretty loud yells/words coming from your house last night. X#$!@!*! Oh the agony of defeat! Stop the competition over there!! And ...I saw your boys with their jerseys on again today, too. Man!!!

  7. Haha, here in South Africa its all about rugby but my team have been terrible for years now. The only good thing is they are always the underdogs so if they lose it's not a big deal, but if they win it's awesome!

  8. hilarious! as a miami local I can tell you it was a rough week, but your EMZ shirt rocked my world