Tuesday, December 28, 2010

RoadID Winner!!!

The RoadID provides various forms of ID to allow a person to decide where they want to wear their vital Identification. They encourage active people who participate in outdoor activities to wear ID and not take the chance of being unidentified in the event of an accident. It is far better to wear ID and never need it than to need ID and not have it.  So true, so true.

This really is such a great giveaway! Having mine has made me feel safer already! So...Random.org picked us a winner. Drumroll please...
S Club Mama

Shoot me an email and I'll get you all squared away with your new, personalized RoadID!  Congratulations!

And you all still have a chance to enter the Holiday Giveaway on RoadID's website for lots of amazing prizes!!!  Their deadline is 12/31/10 - you have a few more days for over $10,000 in prizes!

And don't worry my friends...I've got another super awesome giveaway to help start your new year off right... I'll keep you in suspense a few more days... : )


  1. I always feel better wearing my RoadID!

  2. thank you so much; I'll feel better when my husband has a Road ID!