Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Marathon #7 - Check

I know, beautiful, right?  It was a gorgeous morning.  I woke feeling great.  We had to be at the shuttle extremely early - too early.  We were shuttled up the course to the start at 5 a.m.  The race didn't start til we were lucky enough to sit on the bus til the gun went off if we wanted.  It was a chilly morning so I sat on the bus, half asleep til 7:15!  By the time I walked out my view was this sunrise...

I honestly felt great.  I felt well rested.  I thought this downhill course was going to be it.  My PR.  My sub-4.  As I've been looking at my Garmin stats it's all as plain as day where I went wrong.  Same ol' story.  Too fast, too soon.  I knew the course was a serious downhill in the first few miles but went went for it anyways.  Ran 8:00's and 8:30's through the first 6 miles, still at 9:00's at the halfway point.  At mile 19 I believe a cement truck pulled along side me and poured a gallon of cement in each of my quads.  Around 22 the heat started to get to me as well.  I had couple of starry moments but was aware enough to down some chomps, water and XOOD. 

Tuscon actually reminds me of Utah during the summer.  There were mountain ranges all around.  The course was scenic.  And it seemed that there was a water station every mile for the last 8 miles, which I was so thankful for.

Did you know Santa can run a 3:30 marathon?  Pretty good with that belly and suit, huh?

My official time was 4:30.  Yes, I was disappointed.  But I really did enjoy the race.  Other than the early hills killing my quads I felt so great.  I felt way better than last month's race.  I loved the warm weather even though that slowed me down at the end.  I finished the race with enough salt on my face to fill a salt shaker.  Yuck.  How bout those Ryders sunglasses though? 

When we made our way back to our hotel I found that they actually had a cold water spring!  There was ten of us in there up to our waists shivering.  Next best thing to an ice bath.  Brrrrr.

So the best thing about this race?  Meeting this chica...

Of course I'm sure you all know Emz.  She is even more amazing in real life than on her blog...if that's possible.  And those abs...they're rocks.  I wish I knew photoshop so I could fix myself up to look half way decent standing next to her!  I can't even use the excuse that I just ran a marathon cause she just did too.  We had the opportunity to meet up the night before for dinner with her cute family.  We literally laughed all night.  And yes, she sported the belt buckle.  Love it.  We clicked and had so much fun and she has got me convinced to come back to Phoenix next month for January's race.  This one she swears is truely flat.  I have yet to do an honestly flat race.  It could be the key to a PR.  I'm in closed meetings this week going over details, map comparisons and grilling race informants to make final decisions.  But it's looking like I'll be returning south for my next race.  Better start cutting out those white carbs and adding in 1000 sit-ups a night so as to be better prepared before our next meet-up...  : )

A few more details to come.  For now...the post just wouldn't be complete with a pic of a cactus.  : )


  1. Woohoo! Congrats on number 7 Dawn...and how lucky that you got to meet EMZ. Would love to meet you both :)

  2. dawn

    Can't wait to see you in a few weeks! [I love the way THAT sounds]. That was the best dinner EVER [all of it] but meeting you and {+} ;) was. the. best.ever.

    Oh and why the white carb removal? ;) My mom made me caramel NUTS [with a little popcorn] . . . is this a good breakfast? awww screw it . . . I'm still in "recovery" mode.

  3. Congrats on #7! Meeting Em was a bonus for sure, hope you didn't shake her hand though, not sure about how sanitary she is (wiping with rocks?).

  4. Awesome Dawn! I cannot imagine doing what you are doing and you're doing it with nice times! And lucky you getting to meet EMZ!

  5. Way to go on #7, sounds like the first part is pretty killer on the quads. You are amazing! Also, I think you look great... at least she wasn't wearing her heals in your pic. ;)

  6. Kudos on number 7! that's amazing. you got any in florida on deck? lemme know. i'm always up for meeting bloggy friends. :)

  7. It's so hard not to go too fast with a downhill start. BTDT too many times. Awesome race despite the heat and so cool you met Emz!

  8. Ahhh, did that race last year - totally loved it!! Congrats on #7!!!

  9. You are more than half way there! You are doing great. I love reading your recaps.

  10. Bit of a love-fest happening between you and EMZ. That must have been so much fun. Good job on the marathon!

  11. Found your blog through EMZ's blog! Nice to meet you :)
    Kovas's comment is still making me giggle!
    Congrats on #7

  12. totally get the feeling of not finishing the race this past weekend like you wanted. I had the exact same experience, except, not a downhill start.

    we'll get um next time.

  13. this is such a neat challenge. I saw your pick on EMZ blog too. Big shout out to you! Whats next?!?!

  14. good work on another strong marathon! sorry you missed the sub-four.

    i really do think that it's all about running slow in the beginning, fast in the middle, and hanging on in the end. its a strategy that i haven't tried out completely...but i believe in its logic. its so fun that you get to continue to perfect your race pace strategy over this entire year.

  15. she is pretty hot, and nice too. i met her too. so i know for sure. :)

  16. So no snowshoeing marathon, eh? Good choice. If I were going to be running 26 miles I would want it to be in the sunshine!

  17. Congrats on #7! wow! I admire you!
    thanks for the comments on my beloved know they have a nice marathon there...would give you a good excuse to go visit!! (not during the snow months)

  18. Awesome job! :) Sounds like a great time. I don't blame you for wanting sunshine, I'm not all about the winter weather. Good luck on that sub-4 next month!

    and uh... those are some epic abs!!! But I'd rather have my white carbs, thanks :)

  19. You're still a rock star in my book! When I can see light at the end of the tunnel from this injury I have- I will have to plan a marathon out in Utah... although the altitude might kill me haha...