Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm A Little Competitive

My husband often reminds me to 'take it down a notch...'  We love games in our house.  Board games, Card games, dominoes, video games.  And even though I love my kids sooooo much, I'm not about to let them win.  Sorry.  I physically can't let them.  And they know it.  If they beat me in a game they are jumping up and down and through the roof.  They know I don't hold back.  I figure I'm doing them a favor.  No one is just gonna let them win later in life.  No one is gonna say, 'you failed that test horribly but you get an A anyways.'  Who better to teach them these hard life lessons than their mom...

For Christmas half of the gifts everyone received were games.  The big hit?  

Micheal Jackson's Wii...

And who do you think almost all the high scores belong to?

Yes that would be me...  In your face kiddos.  Not about to let a 7 year old better me on Thriller...or Remember the Time...or Billie Jean.  Seriously, so fun - makes me realize more and more that I missed my calling as a back-up dancer...  : )

I'm giving the kids a few days to pull their act together and practice..and then...rematch.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their families, we still have one more week with the kids home.  We're having way too much fun - if you're up for a little dance off, come on over for a battle.

I've been a little out of the blog loop for the last week so I decided to extend the RoadID Giveaway through today!  So last chance to put in your entries to design and receive your own RoadID for free!  I'll pick a winner tonight...


  1. Not being an MJ fan I'll pass, but lots of people seem to love it!

  2. Ha ha, this is so me. I never let my kids win... I may, on occasion, let them come close, maybe, but never will I intentionally lose. My husband and I actually just discussed this and I used the exact same logic as you, I'm helping them for later in life.

  3. I love games and I am very competitive. I totally get this! Sounds like you had fun.

  4. I am exactly like that with games and my kids. It's kinda scary how competitive I get. I had to ban myself from playing video games with them for awhile, 'cause I got too darn ruthless. I just can't help myself. ;-)

  5. I think it's good for the kids to really have to work to win. It's one of those real-life lessons.

  6. I don't even try to beat the kids at Wii anymore. I "may" beat them the first couple rounds when a new game enters the house (maybe) but the perfect their touch so quickly and leave me totally in the dust.

    You're GOOD!

  7. too funny! we love games at our house, but I swear one of my boyfriends in college thought his name was shithead because my mom gets so in to winning

  8. that sounds like such an awesome game! and that particular part of the smooth criminal video is my favorite!

  9. Oh I am so with you!!!!
    I am happy to know there is another competitive mother out there!
    After my first child, I read a book that said that you should never let a child win just to win...for all the same reasons you mentioned. I was thrilled...I have never let them win since. We are talking little husband just shakes his head...he thinks I'm crazy! But it must be just fine...they all love to play with me..and they have learned to whip me in most games! =)