Friday, December 24, 2010

The Four Food Groups

I was so good at Halloween.  Even better over Thanksgiving - I lost 2 pounds during that crazy weekend!  And now the week of Christmas.  Buddy the elf has me converted to the four food groups...although my four are of a different holiday variety:  cookies, gingerbread, chocolate and Dr. Pepper.  Literally, I'm not exaggerating.  I weighed in last night and I'm up two pounds...  Oh well, what are you gonna do...  I'm even putting off my long run til Monday!  It'll all come back together I'm sure.

I'll be back to my regular four food groups on Monday.  Those would be protein, fruits, veggies and Dr. Pepper.  3 out of 4, that's not bad... : )

How are you all doing with the holiday food traps? 

Are you staying strong, or are you a bit like me and just enjoying the season...even if it includes a few extra hundred calories every day....EEEKKK! 

What's your holiday treat that you just can't say no to?


  1. My food groups seem to be chocolate, cookies, chocolate cookies and more chocolate. I was up the other night because I think I ate my weight in toffee bars. Cannot wait to get them outta here today!
    You are brave to get on the scale. That is one number I do not wanna know!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. at Christmas so many...pralines, fruit cake cookies, chocolate torte, muddy buddies, coconut cake, sweetened nuts (typically I eat them raw throughout the year) coconut pies, peanut butter candy. My list goes on and on....I have stopped making it at my house, except maybe some nuts. But when I go to my Mom's is a non-stop feast. It's WRONG, but I love it. yea, I have a few extra to drop now too.

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy! We will drop those lbs. a little later.

  3. Apple cider! Also: dip appetizers. I have no self control with chips and any sort of dip.

  4. The only scales I'm getting close to are my new kitchen scale s which will measure copious amounts of butter to go into very BAD recipes.

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family Dawn!

  6. i can handle about 2 sweets a day, and then i just feel like gagging. a couple holiday cookies, and that's about it for me. then my teeth feel fuzzy and i just feel nasty.

    i know. i'm a freak of nature.

  7. I've caved, too. After the new year, I'm going back to "normal" eating aka "good" eating.

  8. I've done poorly too. Haven't braved the scale yet ...