Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Training Questions and belated Tunesday!

Had a great run tonight! 5 miles in 40 minutes flat. My run kept getting pushed later and later throughout the day and when I could finally get away I wanted to make sure I got back before it was totally dark out. I'm such a scaredy cat, but if nothing else it helped me kick out a fast run. : )

Today I'm flipping the script.  I'm looking for few thoughts, insights ideas from you, my hard core running friends... Hook me up with some of your tried and true tips!

1. I'm looking for a way to have my speed workouts crossover to my long runs. I can't quite pinpoint what can help me in my training to be able to keep my speed up during a marathon. Around 18 miles I slow down and by 22ish I slow down almost 2 or 3 minutes per mile slower. What do you think? Nutrition? Faster tempo runs? I currently don't do track workouts. Anyone swear by Yasso 800's? Really, help me out!

2. I shared with you my crazy awesome schedule for September. My main focus of all races is the Top of Utah marathon. It is a great course that should get me a new PR. So I'm trying to figure out my mileage leading up to it. Two Saturdays ago was the PC Marathon, last week was a recovery week which I did only 8 miles for my long run. My plan was to jump back in to heavy mileage and do 20 - 22 miles this Saturday. I'm now wondering if I should treat this week as a taper week and do only 14 to 16. Next Saturday I'm doing the relay in which I'll cover 20 miles over a 24 hour period - so basically a long run. And then the Saturday after the relay is the marathon. So my point is I don't have a true taper schedule, and I want to be able to race the best for the marathon. The only Saturday I really have control over is this Saturday. Should I change it from 22 miles to 14ish? Am I making any sense? : ) What do you think?

Thanks for your help in advance! 

Ok, now please tell me you saw the Emmy's Sunday night.  Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey sang our community's them song, Born To Run, in their opening skit.  So funny, so great.  Jimmy did a great job hosting.  Well if you missed it, this should put a smile on your face!  BRUUUUUUCE!  Hope he was watching, they did him proud I'm sure!


  1. I do the Yasso 800s once a week. I barely started, so I am not sure if they are making me faster yet or not. Maybe a little bit.

    I am a newbie so do not feel like I have any good advice to give, sorry.

  2. From my experience (fairly limited) a track workout is very beneficial for endurance speed. I haven't done Yasso's 800's, but I've done similar sets. Although I haven't run any marathons (yet) my overall speed for my longer runs has increased.

    I missed the Emmy's, thanks for sharing. :)

  3. :) I had missed it, thanks for sharing!

  4. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THAT VIDEO!!! It definitely put a smile on my face! :D

  5. I always follow the rule: when in doubt about a longer or shorter run, always do the shorter run. The only way I could get my marathon and ultra times down was to do both long slow runs and speedwork. Long runs only for time on the legs and then speedwork as normal. I'm not very fast so I've never done track or repeats or fartlek. My marathon PR is 3:49. My speedwork consists of tempo runs (5 - 6km) and timetrials (4, 8, 10km).

  6. having done 12 in 12 last year i would just suggest to you...that you do not need to "work back up" to long mileage before each of your already have that core strength and training in place...doing the longer training runs in between close-together marathons could just burn you out, physically and mentally, IMHO. keep it fun, my friend...keep it smart.

  7. I give my vote to go w/the shorter distance. I like Michael B's advice.