Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where Has The Day Gone?

Well let me tell you...  It's been one of those days where nothing has gone according to schedule.  Got the kids off to school and came back home to load up the jogging stroller to head out for a run.  As I went in my room to get my running shoes my otherwise lovely cat, Princess, met me with a little gift.  You guessed it... another mouse.  If you remember a couple weeks ago I let my man take care of business and catch the mouse.  Today he was already off to work and my only back up was my almost 3 year old son holding the dust pan as a weapon ready to attack.  My cat brought this one in fully alive and functional.  It got away from her before she could do what her animal instincts wanted to do.  So I closed all the doors, baracaded all the little openings that I could see and proceeded to chase it across around my room.  My room is not big at all and it kept narrowly escaping me several times and finally went under the bed.  I flipped my mattress and boxspring up and leaned them against the wall and found that stupid little rodent hiding in a drinking glass.  I scooped him up with a board covering the opening, dumped him in a bag and took him out to the garbage can - thank goodnes it's garbage pick up today.  And thank goodness for my kids sneaking drinks in my room and leaving their cups behind.  This adventure only took an hour...

I wasn't giving up on my run.  So we headed out and noticed that the wheels were flat on the stroller so we stopped at my friend Suz's house and pumped them up.  Good to go.  Arrived at my running destination, got my little guy in the stroller situated with snacks and a capri sun and we were off.  A few strides in it came to my attention that my stroller wheels are in serious need of a tune up at the bike shop.  The stroller pulled left the whole run.  It drove me crazy.  Between that and talking to my toddler and getting him re-situated over and over again my 6 mile run took me 72 minutes.   Aaaahhh.  And what do you do on an out and back?  You have to finish it - there's no short cuts.

So we did it.  We finished.  Hit the store to pick up some groceries for dinner and get some treats for after school for the kids and now we're home.  The rest of the kids will be home from school in an hour and the kitchen still has the cereal bowls out from breakfast and my bed is still leaning up against the wall in my room.  Notice I'm blogging and not cleaning right now.  : )  Priorities....  I had all good intentions to write an awesome post today including the supplements I'm using, the benefits and how it's actually helping me.  I'll work on it...  Look for it tomorrow! 

So now I've got just got under an hour - gonna have to put it in turbo mode to get this place picked up... Wish me luck!

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  1. I'm the same way about blogging sometimes. My morning can't get rolling till I get my post up! Good luck with speedy clean up!

  2. Ha, I had the same sort of day, where did it go!

    I've selected you for an award! You can pick it up on my page.

  3. Does it make me a bad person that I had to laugh a bit picturing you flipping mattresses and chasing that mouse? Sorry you had a frustrating day, but you got your run done and got a blog post done. Not too shabby!

  4. Ugh there's not much worse than a stroller that pulls. Great job getting your run in!

  5. i'm feeling like i need to go take a picture of me running so i can fit in over here. one of these things is not like the other...

    did you kill the mouse before you dumped it? or did you let it die a long, slow, painful death of suffocation? i need to know.

  6. I did not kill it. Actually I'm pretty sure it probably ate a hole through the garbage bag I put it in and is now living a full, lovely life at the city dump. A mouse heaven here on earth... :) I'm giving him a better life.

  7. Sounds like a fun filled day!! You gave your all getting that mouse!:)