Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Surprise, It's Not Your Birthday!

In the immortal words of 50 cent...  Go shortie, It's your birfday, we gonna party like it's your birfday...

Yesterday my husband came home with a gift.  It's not my birthday.  It's not my anniversary.  It's definitely not Christmas.  Nevertheless, he bought me a gift.  I sat on the couch, closed my eyes and held out my hands...  When I opened my eyes, I saw this...

That's right my friends.   A Garmin to call my own.  I'm so excited!  It fits like a glove.  The fun we're going to have... : )  So, advice from my fellow Garminites?  What workouts do you like to do?  Should I go out and run hills everyday just to look at the charts?  Do you wear it during all of your workouts?  Or just races?  Let me in on the Garmin secrets I need to know!

I skipped Tunesday yesterday waiting around for a certain video.  It's here...  Y'all haven't gotten enough of the Dirty Dash yet, right?  Here's some more of the race day fun!  This video was put together by the same guy that interviewed me on ParkCityTV for the Park City Marathon.  Awesome footage, Ori!

Garmin 305 watch retail price...$190
Garmin 305 watch hustler price...$50
Married to the ultimate hustler...priceless.


  1. Awesome! You are going to love it! How could you not for that price? Enjoy!

  2. How did he get it so cheap? I wear my Garmin when evern i workout outside.

  3. My hubs gave me the same one for Mother's Day this year, on sale too! What are you going to name it??? (mine is G-unit, partly from 50 cent!! )

    : )

  4. i can't stop laughing at your parting shot. play on, playa!

  5. Wow! Great gift, great price!

    I got mine last August for my birthday. =)

  6. i wish my boyfriend knew your boyfriend so that he could start taking notes!!! major points!

  7. Happy Unbirfday to you!! What a great surprise. :) Great video too.

  8. Awesome husband!!!

    I love gifts...and birthdays...and anniversaries...and husbands!

    A gift for....just because...that just simply ROCKS!!!!

  9. LOVE it! That's so great. Jay gets extra credit for the surprise factor. And for $50? Do tell.

    I wear mine anytime I bike or run. It's heavensent for long runs and RRRs. :)


  10. My husband will be so disappointed when I inform him that he is in fact NOT the ultimate hustler! But like yours, he is still a good husband.

    P.S. Thanks for the email! You rock!

  11. sweet sweet garmin. It makes training so much easier.

  12. Love my Garmin...that is a great price! That Dirty Dash looks like such fun :)

  13. Great gift, you will enjoy that toy a lot. Anyway about the Garmin:
    - I don't wear it during the races because I don't want to get crazy checking every moment my pace.
    - It is useful when I want to run freely without following the usual well measured routes.
    - I like to put the maps on my logbook where I record my top-ten.

  14. us husbands can be pretty freakin' cool sometimes...i'm just saying!

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