Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thank you, thank shouldn't have.

So I got a fun blog award last week and have been a slacker putting it up.  I've seen this floating around for a couple weeks so it was fun to receive it!  Thanks to Katherine at Forward Foot Strides!  So with this award I have to list my ten fave things...and you know how I love top ten lists. ; )

10.  My family
9.  People who turn the sprinklers on in the morning - it helps cool me off during my run!
8.  Cherry coke
7.  Cats that don't bring in mice : )
6.  The color blue
5.  Fall racing
4.  A clean house - which rarely happens, but man when it does, it's the best.
3.  Fried pickles from the The Garden Restaurant - believe me, they're gooooood!
2.  New shoes
1.  Hugs out of nowhere from my kids!

So now I have to shout out to the blogs I like. I thought it'd be fun to send it out to the fellas. They always leave great comments with advice and encouragment.  Thanks guys - you're great to us ladies in blogland!

1. Kovas at Midwest Multisport Life
2. Johann at Run Tall, Walk Tall
3. Michael B. at 12 Months 12 Races
4. Mark at Battlefield Running
5. Oz at Oz Runner
6. Evolving Through Running

I'm sure there's more of you out there but you guys are the ones I know.  I see you out on other blogs too commenting and I think you're great!  So congrats on your girlie award.  Pass it on! : )

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  1. dawn - thanks for the shoutout on your blog!! (altho my name's michael, not mark...but who's counting???) cheers