Monday, August 30, 2010

Vitality Giveaway!

I know that it is the last day of August but in my mind September is officially beginning.  This month is looking like it will be the busiest month of running and racing ever!  I'm extremely excited, nervous, and can barely wait for the fun to begin...yet again!  So here's the schedule for will start out with my long run this weekend in preparation for my first race.

Next weekend on the 11th & 12th, the Red Rock Relay - where I'll be covering 19.5 miles in three legs.  Our team will cover 180 miles total - team name:  Bountiful Babes.  I'm working on our team T-shirts and they're going to be pretty dang cute! 

On the 18th, is the Top of Utah marathon - I'll be hoping for another PR.  Fingers crossed that it will at least be better than my last one. : ) 

On the 25th I'll be running The "official" Dirty Dash, remember I wrote about it here when I did the media preview!  It's going to be muddy, sticky, super dirty, yucky and a blast!  For this race we run 6 miles as a team of 5 - our team name is 'The Piggytales'.  We will definitely be dressed up for this one with our hair in pigtails of course!

 So are you jealous?  Does this race schedule kick butt or what?  It's going to be such a crazy month. I can't even wait for it to begin! It's like Christmas Eve x 3...yeah I know...crazy! ;) Wish me luck!

With that, I thought it would be a great way to start off my month with a GIVEAWAY!! A nutritional giveaway! I've gotta be focused on my training, and more importantly, my diet, nutrition, and what supplements will help me through this month. So what better way to kick it off than with a...

 There is a nutrition shop here in my hometown that I've shopped at for years. They have provided me with great products for all my running needs.  Recently they've been helping me with new supplements and I can already tell that they've made a difference!  They have given me a $40 gift certificate to giveaway here on my blog!  Did you hear that?  40 BUCKEROOS!  You can visit Vitality's website to see some of the things they have and I will also be sharing with you what I use later in the week.  The winner will be able to order their choice of product via telephone and they have agreed to ship your goodies for FREE wherever you are. So, just because you're not local doesn't mean you can't benefit from this wonderful offer! The employees, the manager, and the owner, are extremely knowledgable, helpful, nore than willing to consult and help you with any nutrition or supplement needs pertaining to your training.  They have definitely been a great asset to my health and running. 

So here are the rules for the Vitality Nutrition $40 GIVEAWAY:

1.  Become a follower.  If you are a follower already give yourself a bonus entry!

2.  Like Racing Dawn on facebook and leave me a message on my wall.  I love nutrition tips!

3.  Follow Racing Dawn on twitter and shoot me a message @racingdawn. (also leave me your twitter name so I know who you are) 

4.  Link my giveaway on your blog sidebar.


Since this is a nutrition giveaway from Vitality, you get an additional entry by going to their website, clicking on the "Buy Online" link and telling me which product category you would most likely spend your winnings on.

Good luck!  The winner will be randomly selecty next Monday, September 7th, at midnight MST.  This is a good one, so get your entries in!

Now that the first week of school is done, we are back on schedule and I look forward to getting back on schedule with my training and nutrition. I look forward to the upcoming events and am excited. Good luck to all of you with your training as well and don't forget to enter my giveway.

Happy running y'all!


  1. I was already a follower.

    I can't wait to see your t shirts. One of the really fun part of our relay was seeing everyone's names and t shirts and how they decorated their vans. One name that didn't excite me was one team called themselves the Porta Potties. (Sorry is you were one and are reading this.) I just didn't get the appeal! Good luck. You have an ambitious month ahead.

  2. Cool giveaway--that looks like a great store. Already a follower!

  3. If I won I'd be shopping from the amino acids category

  4. I think I would try the Skin Eternal cream.

  5. I'd be shopping from the Sports Nutrition section since I like to run but really haven't tried any supplements

  6. I'm already a follower. Why is blogger not showing me as a follower on ANY blogs today!

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  8. I like Racing Dawn on Facebook.

  9. I will shop in the sports nutrition section.

  10. I would shop in the sports nutrition category.

  11. Already like Racing Dawn on Facebook. I'll go & leave a tip right now :).

  12. Like you on FB and left a message on your wall

  13. Follow/Send you a tweet @Ebethfit

  14. Linked you on my blog sidebar

  15. I would try something from their Sports Nutrition. Those endurance pills sound great.

  16. I'd shop from the sports nutrition section.

  17. I'm a follower and I'd love to try some of the products you've mentioned. I haven't made it down to Vitality... yet.