Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another List

I love lists so I thought it would be fun to do another top ten.  The one from earlier this week ended up being fun to write up so here we go. 

One of the questions I've got a lot this week is 'If your experience was so bad last Saturday, why keep doing it again and again?'  I really do love running and that's what it all comes down to. I came across a cute article recently listing reasons to run a marathon so I took a couple and added in some of my own.  Kinda fun.

Top Ten Reasons to Run a Marathon

10.  Prestige.  Did you know that only .1% of Americans have finished a marathon?  Quite an elite group whether you're winning them or not!  It's kind of like being part of a frat or sorority except you don't have to rush and we'll let everyone in who wants to join...after you run 26.2 miles ;)

9.  Short Shorts.  I personally don't rock these but when I see someone else wearing them I say 'Go on with your bad self!'  If you got the legs, work it!  This is the only time running in underwear is perfectly respectable. ; )

8.  Self-Discipline.  Did you ever think you'd get up at the crack of dawn by choice?  Lose the weight?  Run for 3+ hours?  Cross a finish line after running for 26 miles after months of training?  Heck ya!

7.  Health. Those achey muscles are your body's way of saying thank you.  Pushing yourself physically and becoming stronger can only be a good thing.

6.  Super cool gadgets.  I don't own any personally but I hear that downloading your runs from your Garmin after a crazy hill route is like the coolest thing ever.  Someday I'll get a Garmin watch and try it for myself!

5.  Energy.  Seems like this is contradictory but the more you workout and wear yourself out, the more energy and endurance you have in your everyday activities.  Crazy, but true.  Just have to try it to believe it.

4.  Tan Lines.  You have to be careful what you wear, but nothing like sun-kissed cheeks.

3.  New kicks.  You get to purchase a pair of running shoes every few months - you put 300 miles on a set and you're ready for a new pair.  Love new running shoes!

2.  Bragging rights.  Ladies, you can challenge the dudes...  Boys you can show off to the ladies.  : )

1.  Race Days are Fun.  Really.  I know my last one was a bit of a bust but race days are fun!  You mix and mingle with new people, share stories, and enjoy nature.  As a bonus, you finish with an amazing runners high or a runners cry ;) Either way, you've just accomplished something you never thought you could. You are totally spent but feel like you are on top of the world! There is nothing like it.

I know there are more things that can be added to the list. I am sure you have your personal favorites. What would you add to the list?  Can't say enough about running!

BTW - My training session went awesome.  I totally brought it.  I killed the circuit workout.  Don't get me wrong - it was tough and my heart was beating hard! My trainer said he was impressed...heck ya he was.  ; )  He timed my circuit and I was faster my second go around.  No free protein shakes at the gym nutrition shop this time but he did give me this session for free!  Nice! Thanks for lookin' out Zack! See you next week.  He said he'll use the same circuit with some of his other clients and see how they do. He thought I'd have 'em all beat. Nah, I'm not competitive, no way...but if someone beats my time I want a redo...;)


  1. THis was a great list! They are all so true and I totally agree with your # one:)

  2. Great list. As for #6, I'm all about the gadgets. I got the blender bottle last night and can't wait to try it out!

  3. I loved this list! Running has been such an adventure for me. I have hated it and loved it and craved it and avoided it, etc. It has helped me gain a whole new confidence in myself. I am doing things I never could have dreamed I'd do. I am really, really slow runner, but I am still a runner. I still get the benefits that come from pushing myself and getting runs in. I am 2 pounds away from having lost 50 lbs.! thanks to running. I have met new friends from running, too. It has just been such a joy, even though some days are a real struggle.

    I love getting tshirts and medals (some races have finisher's medals) and saving my bibs and getting new shoes. It's just a fun, healthy hobby.

  4. Great list. I love the stats in # 10.

  5. Hi, I found your blog thru TallMom! Love this post!! What a great list. Totally right about the shoes!!