Monday, August 23, 2010

Marathon #3 - Check

Yup, it was that good ;)

You know that song 'I left my heart in San Francisco'? Well I've got a new title for that song...'I left my pride in Park City'. Seriously, it was really tough. I survived but it sure wasn't pretty. I knew it going in but hopeful I could have a respectable finish time. That course chewed me up and luckily spit me out across the finish line.

So, other than going on and on about how hard it was...which can be a little bit of a downer, I thought I'd throw some sarcasm in a la David Lettermanish type. So here we go...

The Top Ten Signs You Know You've Run
The Park City Marathon...

10. The scenery and surroundings are amazing - I can't even knock that. So beautiful and great weather other than the head wind for 3/4 of the race.

9. Your swag bag has a box of Wheaties in it. I mean, come on Park City. Jen Aniston shows up and she gets a Fendi bag, Dolce & Gabana sunglasses and True Religion jeans in it. Now, I know I am not Jen Aniston but throw me a little some 'em some 'em. This is the city of celeb during the winter months and one step away from Aspen and the only freebie I get is a box of Wheaties? Really?

8. You get to 8th Street, which is mile 18, and you need a repelling rope to help pull you up the hill - it's that steep.

7. At mile 20 you've finally stopped running uphill. Remember that elevation chart I showed you? It said 16 miles up, right? It lied. 20 miles up, then gradual down. Huh.

6. A grown man puking at mile 23. Guess that could happen at any marathon but seemed poeticly perfect in this race.

5. Instead of hopping on the ski tram for a nice scenic ride up Deer Valley ski resort, you find yourself running right by it trying to stretch and jab the sides of your abs to get the stitches to release. The air is thinner than thin up there. Stitches finally worked themselves out over the next couple of miles...

4. Hamstrings crying "Why Me?"  the whole second half of the race.

3. Running so slow that I could take phone calls on my iPhone. No...really.

2. Your family is tired of circling the booths at the finish line waiting the extra half hour wondering where the heck you are. Sorry guys.

1. You're crying at the finish line. I know, I thought I had the mental part of of this in control but apparently not. This race got the best of me.

After I got my cries out, we celebrated at Red Banjo of our favorite places to go as a family. You gotta go there if ever in Park City. Best pizza ever! I enjoyed my Cherry Coke too!

So there you have it. My Park City recap. I'm putting it behind me, the whole 5 hours and 7 minutes of it. Let me just say I started really strong. I got to the half-way mark at 2:10. I was ecstatic about that. Those uphills just didn't quit! After the hill at mile 18, that's when my hamstrings started cramping...bad. I'm just glad I finished. I'm pretty sure this will be the hardest course of my 12 marathons this year. At least I'm praying it is. : )

Gotta go back to the drawing board on a few things though. What should I have done to keep my hamstrings from cramping so bad? I shot blocked every hour, water & gatorade every 15-20 minutes. Took some endurance pills to help oxygen flow to my muscles and brain (I'll tell you about these soon!). Ate my regular pb sand and banana pre-race. I think I needed more carbs and sodium during the race. Maybe some pretzels, trail mix - I don't know. I also think I should have done more long runs with serious uphill miles at the end. But who wants to do those? :)

I'm going to do some yoga and tai chi this week to try to release all the negative energy and push forward to brighter days of running. (Sarcasm) I'm really okay today, just a little disappointed in myself. Which brings me to my final point of the day....

To all of you out there running, training, pondering marathons - You have to run more than one! You train so hard and do so many things to prepare and sometimes one miscalculation can throw off the entire experience. Don't let the "1" be the end. I tell everyone to run at least 2! You've trained for weeks and weeks and for it to be all over and done within one morning, good or bad, just doesn't seem like enough! Throw another one on that calendar. Whether it's a half-marathon 6 or 8 weeks before your marathon or a couple of marathons a month or two apart. You'll be glad you did. I'm so glad that I have Top of Utah Marathon to look forward to. I know it's going to be great! My redemption from Park City. No pressure. ;)

Happy Monday y'all!


  1. The race sounds brutal, but the pizza looks GOOD. Sorry it was such a tough outing, but sounds like you're already processing it and moving on. Looking forward to the next recap.

  2. Way to go Dawn! Sounds brutal but you finished! Awesome! Pizza looks delicious :)

  3. Yikes! Tough did it though! If youcan get through this'll do great on the other 9 :)

  4. Dawn, you toughed it out!! That's awesome...sounds like quite the course, too! I've run only five marathons and cramped terribly except for the last one where I took salt tablets.
    Congrats on the finish and the effort!

  5. Sorry you were so disappointed. Good for finishing a tough race! Glad you had some good pizza.

  6. Park City is the only marathon I have completed. I say completed because I didn't run the whole thing. It took me 5 hours 25 minutes because I spent some time sitting on the side of the road crying. At least you waited until you finished to break down. ;)

    I am running the Top of Utah also and am looking forward to the downhill and flatness of the course. And hopefully it won't be too hard to get a new PR!

  7. I thought about you over the mtn in PC while I was out on my 8-mile run Sat... & tried to imagine multiplying my mileage by over 3! Add on the hills, and hard to even imagine. Way to go completing it! You are in inspiration!

  8. Any marathon finish is good, well done! They will never all be smiles and laughter. This will toughen you up for the next one. Good luck and rest well.

  9. Hi Dawn,
    It sounds like this was a tough and challenging marathon for sure. You did it! Even though it might not gone how you finished with a time that some people can only dream of having....seriously:) Nice work!

  10. It is amazing how much running can teach us about ourselves...and our strengths. Way to tough it out and make it through!!! You are a warrior!

  11. Sorry the race sucked. I did a good job, you finished!

  12. I would personally be proud to run a marathon in 5 hours and 7 minutes. ;-)

  13. Your first picture is great... it says it all. Sorry it was such a tough race, but good job you for finishing... tears and all. And that was a stellar first half! I'm sure you'll bounce back at Top of Utah.

    That pizza is calling my name, loud enough that I might have to look into a trip to Park City someday.