Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back On Track

Thank you for all of your kind comments.  It really helped.  Such a tough race but I'm over it and feeling good today.  I am excited to move on.  I actually have a lot to look forward to in the month of September.  It will be my busiest month of races - so moving forward...

Maybe last pic from Park and my little guy discussing how hard it was to get this silly medal. ; )  I promise I'm not harboring any bad feelings...letting go...really I am. 

So, my kiddos are back to school. Of course my little guy thinks he's heading off with the big kids too. With all this going on, I missed my Tunesday Training Tips. It was my first real day off . Four of my five kids are in school all day now and it's a little weird. I have more quiet time with my toddler but he is definitley missing all the noise and action of the older kids.  We're having great one on one time and I love it.  He keeps asking for his brothers though and I know it's because they're the ones that always sneak him treats when I'm not looking.  : )

I will get my first run in since the marathon on Thursday and maybe another 8 to 10 miler on Saturday. We'll see how I'm feeling. My legs are not that sore from the race, they just feel heavy. I went for a short walk today to try and loosen them up and I think it helped. I know I've slacked with the Food Journal but I'll be tracking that again starting today!  This week is recovery week but I still have to stay on track with my nutrition.

I have my big training session tonight...The Smack Down.  'In this corner we have the tough as nails, 'I'll show you a workout', know everything trainer...and in this corner we have another know it all, the 'go ahead, bring it on' blondie runner.  Let's get ready to rumble....' echo, echo, echo...  Hahaha.  Hope I'm the one laughing tonight and not him! : )

Stay tuned to ESPN Sportcenter for the smackdown results tomorrow...  

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