Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hurt In The Dirt - The Filthy Recap...

Yep, that's me...  Hurt in the what?

 The race directors weren't lying. I, indeed, did get Hurt in the Dirt!  The inaugural race was all that it was built up to be and more!  I can't believe I just did this race...  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into!  The race had several options on how to complete 4 legs of racing. My friend Lindsay and I decided I would take the running portions and she, the mountain biking portions. We had a great pre-race meal...

Yeah, we split a cheeseburger...hey we were starving for real food.  All this other stuff was for during the race (except for the ipod, turns out they were prohibited - gotta be safe!) and I really don't think the burger threw me off too much, I burnt those calories off after my first plunge through the river. : ) 

I began with 2 loops of a 2 mile course and it did not disappoint.  I love trail running and this course had it all.  Including huge fallen trees that had to be climbed over (about 10 of em x 4 loops!). We had to cross the Weber River twice during each loop with water deep up to my thighs - so 8 times total - and a serious set of built in steps that were killer!  Not to mention sliding down trails, ducking under branches and hopping over fences.  I felt pretty hard core if I do say so myself... : )  I wasn't the fastest runner but I also wasn't the slowest. 

I feel like I completed them in a respectable time, the race results have been posted and the first leg of running I completed in about 35 minutes  I'll take it...

After my first leg of running Lindsay jumped on her bike for 2 loops of 5 miles each on the course and it was tough.  She did awesome though and completed that 2nd leg.  We both did good hydrating and fueling in between legs and I know that really helped keep us going through the 4 hour race.

Out on the third leg now, running, I had a great cloud cover at this point which really helped taper off the heat. This leg was a 36 minute running time.

When I came back in to the transition area, we decided that I would do one of the mountain biking loops and then she would do the last loop to see if we could finish in time. Let me preface by saying I am not a cyclist.  I own a beach cruiser. My visions of cycling are on a beach boardwalk somewhere...not on a mountain ;) I have never mountain biked. I have never switched a gear on a road bike. I don't even know which brake controls which wheel! When mounting up on the bike I didn't put the bike gloves on right, they were actually on upside down. Another racer had to set me straight, thanks buddy! Seriously...I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

It was ridiculous. I had already run 8 miles and now I'm off riding on trails though trees, switchbacks, riding over logs and hills that were insane. I was comforted by the volunteers that assured me that no one was able to actually ride up any of the steep hills...

 and no one was actually able to ride through the beach like sand either. I did come to one section where it dropped off (steep) down to a pebble beach. I panicked and squeezed the life out of the brakes and over the handlebars I went. I scrubbed!  Hard! Dirt in your teeth hard! Of course the race photographer was on the bridge right above me capturing it on film.  Beautiful - I hollered up to him, 'I hope you got that!'  Can't wait til the pics are up online!

Lindsay finished up with the final bike loop, in the dark (what a rock star) and did a round-off over the finish line. I believe we finished in about 4 hours and 16 minutes.  It was tough my friends, don't let anyone tell you different... : ) Hurt in the Dirt is no joke.

One of the perks of coming out to do the race was that we could sign up early for the Ogden Marathon and secure our spot for a race that will sell out in a matter of weeks!  I met up with one of the race directors and shared my little story of 12 in 12 and that I was ending with a bang at the Ogden Marathon in May next year.  Hopefully he will assist in the post-race, post-challenge, after-party at the race! : ) That would be awesome!

Lindsay and I finished up our night downing some Rooster's Root Beer. That was the perfect post-race drink...and we got to have one of these cool mugs for a souvenir of the day.  So fun!  Cheers Hurt in the Dirt! We'll see you next year.


  1. Looks like fun?? You guys are awesome!

  2. i'm pretty sure skip will try to get you to join the army next time we meet up.

  3. You girls are animals! mmmm root beer! Congrats!

  4. Great job, sound like a fun race. Love the report.

  5. Love that you did this race! It looks like a great time - and super challenging. Super inspired by your 12 in 12 goal!

  6. What an awesome race. Great details!

  7. Looks like a really fun time! Love the big mugs filled with root beer - Yum! I didn't see where the race was located??? And yes, we have been to Utah's wonderful trails over the years, most recently to Park City for a mountain bike excursion a few years back, before we were really runners. Now that we run, the trails there would be awesome to explore on foot. We've done the obligatory Moab trips many times, too. Maybe you can suggest some trail gems for us to check out! :-)

  8. Dawn, your pictures are awesome. I can't wait to see the rest. Do you think the photgrapher knew just the right spot in the race to wait and shoot? I think it was planned and you just obliged with your great fall. Way to go!!

  9. That is TOTALLY awesome! I might try and do this next year.

  10. Great post and report! Really nice blog!

  11. Awesome race report Dawn! I am loving the two look great:) It must of been a blast and I am glad you are doing it again next year!