Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I've got a [semi] new game plan for the next few months.  In the back of my head I've had a general plan of how the 12 were gonna go down.  I knew some races would be harder than others and therefore wouldn't expect fast times or PRs.  But for some reason every time I toe up the start line, in that moment, the gun goes off, my brain switches to 'I'm going to run this as fast as can no matter what' (all except for Napa Valley - that course was killer). 

So cut to the month of December - I was tired.  I mean 'sink into the sofa' tired.  Every.  Day.  A lot of things could have contributed to the fatigue last month...

my ornaments were already falling off after the first day of being up...

December marathon...

pretty sure I was saying, 'whatcha know bout dat...'

Kids home for Christmas break...

More kids out of school...

notice me sinking into said couch... : )

Busier at work...

doing celebrity eyelash extensions... ; )

Beating the kids at MJ...

notice the name at the bottom with high score...

And - just trying to keep up with this guy 24/7...

yes, he may only be 3 and finally passed out from running non-stop but you don't wanna mess with him...

That's just a few reasons why I only ran one day a week for the past few weeks.

So I consulted with a coach, a well respected coach in search for some wisdom.  I'm sure many of you are familiar with Miss Zippy...  I asked for her take on my fatigue.  I think she nailed my problem without even batting an eye.  She said I had been racing every race - in my 8:30 - 10:30 minute racing pace zone.  I needed to evaluate the remainder of my races, decide which ones had the POTENTIAL for PRs and treat the others as training runs.  Sounds so basic, so simple. 

So I've done just that.  I've re-evaluated my upcoming five races. 

So, the race coming up this weekend is a 'training run'

Surf City in February I'll race

March which is undecided will be thought of as a training run, as will be April marathon. 

Ogden Marathon in May will be raced.  My big FINALE - a sub-4, hopefully a BQ.  That's the plan.  We'll see how I'm feeling when that gun goes off come race morning.

BTW - I hope you're all planning, scheduling your airline tickets, getting excited for the big party in May...  You're all invited! : )  Party of the year...

So, what do you think?  Am I on the right track?  Think I'll be able to hold back this weekend?  I'm gonna start with a 10 minute/mi - hopefully finish between 4:20 and 4:30.  That's the [PLAN]...


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  2. Sorry, for deleting we go again.

    Sounds like a great plan...but, it's going to be tough! Just keep reminding yourself that you have to go home after and deal with that cute little gangsta :) that should slow you down ;)

    Run smart!

  3. Sounds like a good plan. I know how hard it is not to get competitive with yourself but just keeping thinking of your long term goal -- 12 marathons in 12 months and you'll keep your pace in check!

  4. In 2006 I ran seven marathons (and a handful of half marathons) in five months. I looked at each marathon as a training run for the next marathon. My last marathon was my fastest and a PR.

  5. Sounds like agreat plan. I can understand why you're so tired!

  6. Keeping my fingers crossed that you can keep it in check--I know it's hard! But focus on the big prize at the end.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  7. Awesome plan. Miss Z is a smart cat.

    Can't wait to see you.

    Ummm did you break your "rule" on these photos?!?!!? YAY YOU!! Loved it!!

  8. wow! love the idea! i have a half marathon jan, feb, march---lets see if i can hang on the entire year! :)

  9. Great goals ... you no doubt will kill it! I agree with Coach Z, use some of them as training runs. I'm gonna try that plan this year and not ruin myself on every marathon. Best wishes!

  10. I am going to be there for your party!!!! So you better really be having one :) We come on May 19th!!!!

  11. I like your thinkin and that plan.
    And fully agree with December and Holidays and ESPECIALLY kids home for two weeks. Im still recovering from that myself! haha

    Just found your blog thru EMZ - I think I will see you Fri night>?

    Good luck on your training run this weekend!


  12. BTW - I just love that pic of your girls playing the Wii - a familiar sight at my house (3 girls) especially with those jammie bottoms:)
    What video game is that MJ on?

  13. We'll be at your party, too! I'm running the Ogden- It will be a party for MY 1ST! Can't wait! :)

  14. i do think that this is such a great idea for you. it will give you variance in what otherwise is just a whole lot of marathons. true, it will be hard to keep your brain from switching into "race" mode. probably a good idea to chat it up with people around you and just be more casual about the entire day...