Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aren't These So Cute?

These are little Forelle baby pears.  They are like eating candy.  I've been scouring the produce section for new items that are on my 'yes' list for eating.  D'Anjou pears are my go to afternoon snack with some almonds but I thought I'd try these little babies.  They are delish...and only 50 cents a piece, not too bad.  I looked up some recipes for them and stopped at this recipe title...

Now I've never poaced anything or brulee'ed anything for that matter but, man, that looks good. 

So, yes I've been sticking to my Paleo eating way of life.  I feel good.  I'm not hungry.  Not really lighter yet and I don't have caveman strength yet either.  It's only been a week sooooo, I'm trying to be patient... : )

I will say I would love a bag of chips right now, or some Dr. Pepper, or a loaf of bread, or a roll of ritz crackers, or some candy hearts, or chocolate covered cinnamon bears, or some Dr. Pepper but I already mentioned that didn't I.  It's all usual...

That's what's on my mind today, food....what's on your mind today?


  1. Food is on my mind today too. My schedule at work was weird, and I had to eat breakfast an hour early and lunch an hour early. Just that one hour difference, has left me out of whack. I cannot stand being off schedule! :)

  2. YAY you.

    but am I the only one who sees a "butt" on that pear on the right?

    Oh and I want that lip t-shirt you have on in that photo. okay? okay. bye.

  3. I love pears!! I'm eating one right now!!

  4. That does look good, I'm pretty sure I would fail at brulee'ing anything... doesn't that involve a torch?

    Food, cleaning, snotty noses, yuck... that's what is on my mind.

  5. Those pears do look good - yum!
    Be strong!! :)

  6. I was wondering how your paleo was treating you!
    I was so inspired by your lovely description of nuts and berries on the video the other day that I tried to eat paleo yesterday and made it all the way through a bag of pistachios before I cooked up some noodles face planted in them.

    You are doing awesome!
    I <3 pears!

  7. Food is on my mind as well. I've been journaling. It's amazing how much one can eat when it's the 'right' food. Enjoy those pears, however you 'prepear' them. Sorry I couldn't resist.

  8. Good job on your diet strategy!! No payoff in 7 days...but payoff when you toe the line at Surf City?!

    those pears look good and your comment they are like eating candy means Ill be getting some tommorrow:)


  9. I agree with Emz, I see a booty on the pear

  10. I've never poached or brulee'd anything either. Sounds like more than a 3 step process so it's out for me but let me know how it goes.

    Yes EMZ I saw the dairy pear! HA (dairy air) Nevermind.

  11. That actually made me hungry for fruit ... weird!

  12. i would love to post what's on my mind, but this is a family friendly blog.

    suffice it to say, my husband is out of town, and i'm lonely. my kids are fighting, and i'm irritated.
    the two combined do not make for a family-friendly post.

  13. Hi!
    Came over from a runners fuel, LOVE your commitment to running, OMG! 5 kids too, inspiring!
    I tried for a full marathon and was injured at mile 18, so this year I am hittin the stage, come journey with me at

  14. Food is alwas on m mind! I hink I'd urn ino a vegeable if I couldn' hink abou food :P

  15. I just ate some Hagen-Dazs Carmel Cone flavor ice cream. I NEVER eat ice cream. Words cannot describe how good it was.

  16. Food - always! Chocolate (eclairs, ice cream, cheesecake, milkshake) and soda pop with Sonic ice.