Saturday, January 8, 2011


I had to do my long run today.  It's freezing here.  It's actually below freezing here.  I did NOT want to run in 15 degree temps nor breath the inversion soup that is our air right now.  So I thought I'd head to Forks, Washington to run my 18 miles today...

It was quite the run.  I had no idea what I was getting myself into today.  There was a really pretty field that I came across but accidentally interupted a moment...ooops...  I  ran by real quick as to not disturb them.  I'm pretty sure they didn't notice me though.  Phew.

It was funny though cause as I got back to town I ran into the same two kids and another guy and I literally had to jump in and break up the fight.  That silly girl just stood there making goofy faces and sighing a lot.  Somebody had to do something.  That pale guy was about to get his butt kicked.

The trail brought me back through the forest for a bit and I got some speedwork in while being chased by a pack of wolves!  You'd think they'd be faster but I got a way.

It did rain for a minute and I ran into this kid one more time.  He was so sad.  I had to stop and ask what was wrong.  He said that he had run out of beef patties and that he could already tell that his abs were fading away from not having his protein for the day.  I reassured him that all was well.  No need to fret.

All in all it was a great morning.  18 miles in the books.

P.S.  Thank you Gold's Gym for playing Eclipse two times in a row in the cardio cinema that I could run 18 miles on the treadmill today...almost painlessly.   : )


  1. 18 miles. on a treadmill. gasp! i seriously can't imagine. i'm trying...but i can't do it. you are my hero!!!! glad you had something to distract you from the task at hand.

  2. I wish my gym would let me run 18 miles. I'm lucky if I get an hour on the treadmill before they boot me off. They need more treadmills if that many people want to use them!

    Go you, btw, for the 18 and for watching Eclipse 2x. The abs do it for me. The show, not so much.

  3. As incredibly impressed as I am with 18 miles on the treadmill (honestly anything over 5 miles on the treadmill impresses me), I'm infinitely more impressed that you made it through that movie twice in a row. Actually .... twice period is impressive.

    You are a running rock star. Well done!

  4. Wow I am really impressed
    I dont think I could do 18 miles inside or outside!
    Even with a movie !!

  5. Ha ha... good stuff. Glad you got your long run in. Good job you! :) You'll be awesome next week.

  6. Fuggedaboudit!! I couldn't run that far on the road, let alone a treadmill!! You're a beast! :)

    I also can't run and watch tv or read. It makes my eyes bounce around in my sockets. It's like trying to read a book on a trampoline :)

    18 miles....I'm still shaking my head! WOW!!


  7. Hilarious! I watched twilight and new moon last night. Unfortunately, I wasn't nearly as productive as you while doing so. I just ate a brownie sundae ...

  8. Awesome! I can't believe you ran 18 miles on the treadmill - that has to be a record. AND, glad you had some "good" (if not yummy) entertainment while pounding the miles out. Looking at those abs would motivate me to run faster :) Ok, I'm off to do my 4 big ones...

  9. I guess it's a good distraction for 18 miles on the treadmill! Way to go.

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  11. Wish the gym I go to had a bit of top totty like him to oggle at!!

  12. BAHAHA!!! You are way too funny. GREAT RUN!! Seriously, you couldn't pay me to run in this weather. 18 miles on the treadmill...awesome! How about we meet halfway at a golds and do our long runs on treadmills next to each other:)

  13. 18 miles on the treadmill? You are a better person than me. I would have shot the TV at least once, probably twice.

  14. Great work Dawn!!!

    I'm also doing 12 marathons in 12 months ( is my blog) so I can relate to just about every post you make! I've got #4 coming up in Miami in a few weeks.

    I look forward to following you finishing your challenge! You have a terrific blog - funny, informative, and inspiring. Keep running!!!