Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm About To Eat Friday...

No not really...  But since I began my confessional yesterday with sharing that my running #s might as well be negative - I should also share with you that my eating has tanked as well.  I'm really quite disappointed in my lack of willpower over the holidays.  I gained 4 elle bees in a short 2 weeks but am happy to share that even with my minimalist running this week I've already dropped 3.  It's a fact that we all know and I think often forget as runners - diet/food intake really is everything...

So this week I've been toying with changing up my eating plan.  I have the taste buds of a four year old and feel like I need to branch out a bit.  So of course I began my search in the quintessential source of all things good and true and right...

I mean really...  if I could look like J-Lo...  nuff said.  Problem with all their suggestions in US is that all off them basically required me to have meal deliveries that would equal what I make in a month to pay for food per week...  Darn those celebs with endless bank accounts.

So, I've also been looking at other places of interest, with close to the same standards as US - first on list is always, I read the Runner's Diet, I've checked out EAP, I've printed off an extensive list of things Kovas has said are keepers and good...  and actually one of those options caught my eye - the Paleo Diet.  Still doing some more investigation but it's looking good. 

Anyone trying something completely new in the eating department this year?

Any celeb inspire you to throw out everything you know to be true and try what works for them...eating/exercise mode - no need for personal moral confessions... ;)


  1. I gained a few lbs over the holidays as well. I have lost almost all them, too! I've been trying to lay off the sweets as m uch as possible and eat more veggies. I'm trying to start to count calories, again. It seems to work for me, but all people are different.

  2. I watched something on tv the other night about celeb diets. Ricky Lake in particular caught my eye. She basically starved herself for 6 months to lose 100 pounds. Only fainted a couple times ;-)

    Seriously, I love food! The starvation thing would probably work for me because out of sight, out of mind...HOWEVER, I don't think Ricky was running, triathaloning, I guess I won't try her "diet" :-)

    I've been trying to be an intuitive eater while also using my brain to know what foods work and don't work for me in terms of energy for workouts...I'm a work in progress, but I refuse to diet anymore :-)

  3. I've gained about 10 lbs in the last year and that has been discouraging to say the least the difference is with age the metabolism slows so I haven't been able to get rid of it as easily as before! First I started training again by entering a marathon. I'm also doing no sweets or alcohol and I'm vegetarian so that always helps...

  4. I have you beat, I gained almost 10lbs over the holidays! Yikes!! I guess that's what happens when you stop nursing & running all at the same time yet still eat (Holiday sweets) like you are doing both. I definitely need to improve my diet overall... might have to check out the Paleo Diet.

  5. I've totally revamped my diet over the past 6 months and lost 15 lbs (partly due to running too). I don't follow a specific eating plan, but i use a phone/internet app to track my meals (I use it syncs with a free andriod app called "calorie counter"). With this app:
    1)I make wiser choices about foods when I realize that a large fry alone can be 550 calories.
    2)I can easily make sure I reach my target goals for 30 g of fiber, 70 g of protein, a serving of fruit or veggie at each meal, and as little saturated fat as possible per day.
    3)The phone app allows me to plan out my meals but also be flexible. If someone offers me a cupcake at lunch, I look at my app and see I have leftover lasagna planned for dinner. It helps me decide if I want to skip the cupcake or change my dinner plans.

    Good luck finding a method that works for you!

  6. I forgot to tell you, I've gone paleo before. It is wonderful. I feel great eating so many fresh fruits and veggies and getting in lots of healthy fats and eating all the lean meats. I just can't face living without bread and pasta and tortillas. So...I give it an A for health, an A for how my body looks when I do it, an A for how I feel in general, but an F in grain happiness :-(

  7. avocados are a girl's best friend. seriously, they are delicious, loaded with healthy fats, and you can eat them on almost everything. my favorite right now is to slice one up, and eat it on a flavored triscuit. (cracked peppercorn, rosemary and olive oil, etc.)
    also, trail mix. i buy nuts, dried fruits and of course chocolate chips in the bulk bins at my supermarket. i make my own trailmix, and i eat it all the time. protein, healthy oils, some vitamin A and C (craisins, raisins, dried mango, etc.)... it's the best. i drink a lot of water and chew gum all day, which cuts back on cravings. i also don't buy much junk food, that way it's not there to be eaten.
    this is one of my favorite topics. but i'll stop hogging the comment space now...

  8. okay. one more fave: any kind of pasta salad. i ususally use orzo or tri-colored rotini. then put in every raw veggie you can think of: cukes, avocado, tomatoes, red,yellow,orange,green bell peppers, olives, broccoli, you get the picture. i cube some cheese, or throw on some feta, and then either a nice lean chicken breast (seasoned and chopped) or some unhealthy but yummy pepperoni chunks. i don't even put dressing on it... with a pinch of kosher salt and some coarsely ground black pepper, it's amazing as is.

  9. speaking of hogging comment space, and kosher salt/coarsely ground black pepper...

    if you use the kosher salt, the granules are bigger. so they pack more flavor. same with the coarsely ground black pepper. i just buy a big mccormick one, where you grind it yourself, and adjust the setting for the coarsest grind. the bigger granules of both the salt and pepper add such a boost of flavor, that you can effectively cut out a lot of hte other unhealthy flavorings we tend to use: butter, salad dressings, creamy sauces. those are high in unhealthy fats, but we tend to overuse them to choke down bland foods. look into upping your herbs and spices as a means of improving flavor and increasing the satisfaction for your mouth.

  10. Since last June I have cut out most processed foods & track every single bite on loseit (iphone app). I have lost 20 pounds but am currently on a plateau. I like Clean Eating magazine & think it has a lot of good ideas for healthy meals.

  11. In the past I've had success w/ calorie counting but I tried that again recently and found it too time consuming and I got hungry when I sat down to do my recording! So instead, I just increased my fruit and veggie intake substantially, and while I don't have numbers to prove it (since I stopped counting!), being full from the fiber and general bulk of the fruits/veggies made me full faster and I've been eating less of everything else. Also, I NEVER bring junk food into the house from the grocery store. If I'm really craving chips or ice cream I go out and buy 1 serving so I get my fix but the extra work of leaving the apartment deters me from doing this often!

    Good luck!

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  12. I don't know what I gained because I refused to weigh myself because I knew it was BAD! But I can at least get my "loose" pants on now.

  13. new eating plan, but just want to eat in moderation ALL the time. portions, portions,portions

    from your previous post, I go outside most of the time, no matter what the weather - longest treadmill run is 8 miles.

  14. because of my injury i decided to revamp my eating and workouts too. i started the live the life program from I do more cardio than is listed... but i love it! u eat normal food. no ordering prepackaged stuff. and! i get to eat 6x/day. u should check it out.