Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Feedback Requested

Maybe you've noticed I've been a little MIA for the last few weeks.  Maybe not.  And that's ok.  But you're reading now...and I need YOUR help.  Please. 

I'm tired.

I'm not complaining.  I'm not whining.  I'm not even making excuses.

I'm just stating facts.

I'm tired.

I'm not injured.  I've not changed anything major in my life, except I went OFF Paleo.  It was just a winter fling anyways...

I'm barely getting through my workouts.  I could sleep standing up.  My legs never feel fresh.  And this isn't just today or this week...this is for the past two months.

So...  here's what I'm doing.  I'm eating balanced.  Still staying between 1600 and 1800 calories.  Trying to get 7 to 8 hours sleep (which never feels like enough - but I know I'm lucky to get that).  Don't tell me to eat more.  I still have a spare tire around my gut that tells me I'm not wasting away...

I'm not really a fan of energy drinks,  Dr. Pepper is about as hard core as I get...but I tried this:
Did nothing.

 I bought this:

and this:

which I haven't tried yet, but I probably will pick one for this afternoon.

I went to my local nutrition shop, Vitality, and bought some more Udo's Oil, which I've been out of for over a month... I put it in my protein shakes. 

They also hooked me up with a couple weeks worth of a Women's Only vitamin and this...

It helps your body produce HGH.  It is supposed to increase energy, increase lean body mass, increase recover & performance and promotes a more restful, deeper sleep.  Mirace drug?  Perhaps. 

So we'll see what helps.  Heaven knows I need all the help I can get right now. 

And that's where YOU come in. 

What do you take to give you extra energy? It doesn't have to be FDA approved since nothing in the health field is, but I don't want to have to go to a dark alley to purchase.

Magic beans will be considered if you can give me a convincing case.

**And I don't want any comments about races, running too much, body is just tired, take some time off, etc.  Those are not options at this point.  I'm all about making adjustments and moving forward.  Still two races left and I want to finish STRONG!!!

And sorry, I don't mean to be bossy, I just get a little fussy when I'm tired... ; )


  1. I am low energy myself these days...but I'm getting old! You aren't :-)

    I seem to need even more sleep now. 9 hours is pefect!
    I did try some 5 Hour Energy the other day and had a great bike ride, but I wouldn't recommend it for more than once in a while. I would hate to be dependent on something like that for my energy.

    I'm wondering if it has to do with ending Paleo. I've heard quite a few people make the complaint after parting ways with the big P that it takes a while to get used to introducing back some of those non paleo type were doing paleo two months that doesn't really add up.

    I'm no help.
    BUT>>>I do still read your blog and care if you are around or not :-)

  2. Maybe you could have your Vitamin D levels checked. From a medical website: "Vitamin D deficiency may be characterized by muscle pain, weak bones/fractures, low energy and fatigue, lowered immunity, symptoms of depression and mood swings, and sleep irregularities."
    I was low last year, and am feeling the same symptoms again, right now. None of my runs are feeling good, but I don't know if I should blame it on this, or just that I'm increasing my mileage. I'm going to get mine checked again, though, just to be sure.

  3. Have you tried an iron supplement? I know when I'm feeling tired continuously that is usually the case that I'm a bit anemic. Iron and daily vitamin for a week helps me get back on track. Hope you find something that works.

  4. I have no help/advice for you... unless jelly bellies count as magic beans, they might, they seem to work for my kids. Although extra vit. d & iron might be helpful as mentioned above. Hang in there, you are amazing! :)

  5. Maybe I can send you a virtual hug right now and it'll help? Worth a shot. I've been totally run down too, without a good run in recent memory. Maybe the change in seasons?

    Don't cut back on the races at all - they'll keep you going. And, races are wonderful. I'd suggest following your normal run plan just by feel. If you don't hit a normal workout, no huge biggie, you're still going to race and you'll still have fun on race day. It sounds like you have your diet under general control. Hopefully with all the nice, new spring/summer fruit coming into season it can kick start you.

    Sending caffeine laden hugs.

  6. My first thought was the same as juddfam covered above. Sounds like it may be a Vitamin D issue. We have relatives that live in Alaska that take Vitamin D regularly because of the lack of sunlight, and the symptoms when they don't do it well sound similar to what you're experiencing.

    Apparently tiger blood is pretty effective .... if you wash it down with massive doses of narcotics.

    As far as recovery from running, I've been using Ultragen for a while and it seems to help with energy levels when the next workout comes along, but it doesn't seem to do much in terms of general energy levels. Helps me get through my 4,000 week training plans, though :)

    Hope you get feeling better soon. Looking forward to reading about numbers 11 and 12.

  7. Optygen HP might help if you want to go the chemical route, or dark chocolate espresso beans more natural.

  8. Don't know how old you are if over 30 have your Dt check hormones levels both estrogen and progesterone. Also not just vit D but B12 and iron as well. I am older and I had a full hysterectomy and I take supplements for all this, all natural.

  9. I've been a student of fatigue for the last year and a half and I've tried lots of stuff. My poison of choice at the moment is Coenzyme Q10. It'll take about a month to start working and up to 3 months to get a really good effect. Also back off on the training sessions for a while. When I've been at my worst I had to have a couple of weeks off then start back with low-intensity sessions and make sure I'm well-recovered between each.

  10. honestly, i too was feeling that and i was turned on to shaklee by my nutritionist and i love it. truly i notice a different after taking their vitamin pack.

    check out the site and if you have any questions i can help out...good luck. shaklee does tons of clinical research which other vitamin/supplement companies don't..

  11. I"m sorry I have no ideas but good luck with this. Being tired/fatigued is the pits.

  12. I went through exactly the same thing in January. I changed my diet to more carbs, less protien - but didn't alter the # of calories. I take a Vivarin before almost every run. I wouldn't recommend it. I don't think it's healthy ... but it's just a caffeine pill and it seems to "get me going". No joke.

  13. When I am really tired, I rest. Recently I have learned that for my sleep to be effective, I have to get to bed early. Early is a relative thing, but for me 10:30 is the magic time. Before 10:30? Rested. After? Miserable.

    Good luck! You are inspiring.

  14. i'd eat a lot of lemons for cleanse/detox and eat basically all raw foods. also i'd take a good nap during the day if you are tired. not after 3 though, dr. oz says after that will make your sleep at night all mixed up.
    good luck! you will finsh STRONG! you are a rockstar.

  15. also this time of the year for utah is tough. i bet some of it has to do with the weather. lame.

  16. hmmmmm
    agree with the seasonal hope? that is MY hope anyway.

    It seems you are doing all the right things so dont stop what your doing... the tide will turn

  17. Sorry you're dragging. My only thoughts are Vit D/Iron and seeing a nutritionist to get the most punch out of your 1600 cals.

  18. I drink coffee for an extra kick.

    I'd definitely recommend seeing a nutritionist. You may be deficient in some vitamins and minerals and might need to take supplements.

  19. I only know one cure for physical! It may not be possible but try to fit in a nap here and there instead of a run!

  20. In the same light as some of the posts above, when was the last time you had your bloodwork done? This was the first thing I thought of when I read your post. Could be a vitamin deficiency, could be low iron. Hard to say. But still my be worth going to the doc and getting your blood drawn. Just my 2 cents.

  21. Why don't you go for a run? Oh wait you already did that. Why don't you change your diet? Oh wait you already did that. Why don't you try some energy drinks? Oh wait you already did that. Why don't you try some vitamins? Oh wait you already did that.

    Yeah, I got nothin'! But I hope you get it figured out so you feel better! Love ya! And...You're my hero!

  22. ok call me crazy but I'm going to give you a little reality check.... You have a husband, FIVE kids, a church calling an additional part time job, family and friends to attend to, you've run 10 marathons in 10 months HELLO You've got Wonder_Woman shaking in her red boots!!! REally REally? You can't figure out why you're tired. hmmm How many of your other runner buddies can claim all of the above. Even going from 3 kids to 4 kids at moments is making me TIRED and I haven't even run one marathon. I know you are determined to finish strong and have the rest of us look like under-achievers so... here is my two cents worth...1. CALL MACY or at least call and chat with Steph. 2.Double up ALL your B vitamins. 3. I've been working with this PT in Ogden and she is all about the #'s your calories sound low to me based on the amount of training and running you are doing. Good luck I know you'll finish strong either way!!! We'll be there at the finish line cheering you on!

  23. It seems like you've gotten a lot of ideas here. As yet another person to chime in, my agreement mostly sides with Melanie B.

    You have a lot in your life going on aside from running. On top of that, you've done ten marathons and all the required training. If you didn't feel tired, I'd want a full write up of what you're doing because I'd copy it to a T!!

    Here are my thoughts in bullets.
    - Training by feel is a GREAT suggestion. You have the base set, so if you feel tired, do a short run instead of long.
    - Calories are low (too low and your body goes into starvation mode, i.e. stores fat for "survival")
    - Nutrition, do you take a multi-vitamin? An athlete's multi?
    - I haven't used caffeine, guarana, Vitamin B energy mixes, etc. for 8 years and I'm fine. They're for people who are too lazy to eat right.
    - If you want to look into supplements (may be helpful), see a doctor/nutritionist. Nutrition from food serves you MUCH better than supplements (Evolution trumps science any day).
    - Someone mentioned Coenzyme Q10. It's a valid option, but know that it speeds up your metabolism (specifically your electron transport cycle in the mitochondria) meaning you will need to eat more.
    - Raw Foods. I have heard rave reviews about the amount of energy you get from these. This is on my personal "to try" list too. I know someone with LOTS of recipes and ideas. I'm happy to send you her info if you're interested.

    Whatever you end up trying, I hope you find something to help!

    Good luck!

  24. dear ms. cranky pants:
    you need to put on your magic suit. the time has come. i'll mail you the suit, and you can reap its magical powers.

    and thank you x a million for the yummy hand cream. i smell like love and toast all day now. mmmmm...

  25. I respectfully disagree with Kovas, and agree with Jim. I wish I could give you great advice. I have heard that chia seeds provide good energy. Seriously, you should ask Coach.

  26. Have you had a blood test done, lately? That would be the best way to find out if you're anemic, which is highly likely given your workout schedule. It's tough for us (women) to keep our iron level high during endurance training. Anemia will knock you on your butt -- you will feel exhausted all the time, no matter how much sleep you get. Luckily, it's a relatively easy problem to solve.

    A blood test will also tell you if your Vitamin D level is low. Low vit D = exhaustion (usually coupled with headaches).

    Good luck!

  27. Everything I would say has been said but here is one thought that came to me.

    This site has some very interesting info about diet - anti paleo, as non politically correct as that may seem...

  28. I would be tired too! FRS is my go to drink. Love it.