Monday, April 4, 2011

Thank You!

Has anyone told you lately that you're all awesome.  Well you are.  Thank you for your thoughtful comments last week.  They were much appreciated.  Thank you, thank you.

I should have mentioned that I actually did go to my regular doctor about a month ago with these concerns and he did a comprehensive blood work-up.  He mailed me my report with 'AWESOME' written on it.  So, yes, my Vitamin D is in check, Iron in check, as well as 100 other things.  Still don't have the answer for the fatigue.

The HGH complex that I picked up from the Nutrition shop works.  I wake up feeling great.  Well rested, ready to go.  However it only takes me til I get to the gym and start running and my body forgets that I felt great just fifteen minutes ago.  And the supplement doesn't really take me through the day. 

So still searching.  Pretty close to trying the tiger's blood washed down with narcotics.  We'll see how this week goes first.

Oh and by the way... It's RACE WEEK!!!!  Skyline to Sea Marathon baby!  Can you believe I haven't even talked about it?!?!?!  So crazy.  This is another one I've definitely been looking forward to.  A few months ago when I was planning out my spring schedule nothing was really fitting together and clicking.  I got an email from Kovas saying he, Jill, Chris K and Patrick were all running this race.  So yeah that would be fun to make it work.  So, here I am heading off to Santa Cruz and guess who I'm meeting up with????

None of em.  Seriously.  It's feeling like a prank.  Like I'm going to show up race day and no one's there.  'Sucka' is what I'll hear in the wind through the trees....

It's gonna be great...  I can already feel it.  I'm planning on fitting in as many naps as I can this week to be ready to hit the trail this weekend...  If you come upon any more energy giving ideas, you know where to find me...


  1. It must be said that running 12 marathons in 12 months is bound to take its toll. This absolutely does not mean you need to stop, NO WAY!! But, it does mean that you probably shouldn't expect to be 100% and high energy. You are doing everything right and your body will follow along as long as your mind is willing :) You're a strong woman, you've got this!!

  2. Hang in there! You are doing awesome. :)Good luck at your marathon this week!!

  3. A 1-person blogger meetup. Take lots of pictures. Does that make you a wolfpack of 1?

    Crush it in your race this weekend. Nothing like the starting-line anticipation to get your energy levels back to normal. Low energy is better than injured I suppose. Glass half full ....

  4. It is a bummer that you're gonna be solo this weekend, but--you're still gonna rock it!

    Glad the bloodwork was all a go.

  5. I'm in agreement with Anne up at comment #1. Are you by chance perimenopausal? I have a friend (who is only a moderate exerciser) who has been experiencing unusual fatigue lately. Her bloodwork and thyroid all checked out fine. Her doctor suspects it might be the beginnings of menopause. I'm 44 and let's just say that I don't feel like the spring chicken I used to, even though I'm as fit and healthy as I've ever been. Getting old isn't as much fun as they said it would be! Good luck on your upcoming marathon.

  6. So jealous about S2S :(. Run well for me girl - I hope to make it next year and if not, we'll find something else to run - like the Moab half :).

    I've been reading a LOT about fatigue and my diet and ADRENAL Failure. Have you looked into this? Crazy stuff.

  7. I'm with Jill.


    you. rock. woman.

  8. did they also chekced your hormones levels? it could be that..

  9. Have fun! Of course you are tired. You have been one busy lady!

  10. ahhhh, that looks like an exciting race!

  11. enjoy those naps, my friend. you've totally got this in the bag!!

  12. I hope you figure out your fatigue. I was going through this awhile back and know just how frustrating it can be. I know that taking elctrolyte tabs helped me with the workouts, but I can't say what really fixed the fatigue other than just time. I remember it oh so well and hope it doesn't come back!!

    good luck with the race!!

  13. How sad that they all bailed on you. :( Hopefully the beautiful little jaunt through the redwoods will get your energy levels back up.

    Oh, and maybe you're pregnant, ha ha. Nothing makes a person tired like being pregnant... well nothing except training for and running like a million marathons. Hang in there. Can't wait to hear about the race, you'll rock!

  14. Personal opinion - aside from napping, nothing is going to work to boost your energy before the weekend without having crashing effects afterwards.

    You're doing awesome and you totally have this one in the bag. Just keep up your awesome work and you'll be one step closer.

  15. I think this is a blessing in disguise. That course is so beautiful that you will enjoy the solitude.

    For the record, my ride and lodging fell through. We're still friends, right? :-)

  16. B-vitamins... I like Bio-35 get it at Smiths. + Mega Omegas -- take extra for a while!

  17. Kovas, Patrick, Kill and Chris can suck on it!

  18. i feel like energy can be cyclical. for me, last year was a high energy, intense kind of time. now, for whatever reason i'm more mellow and unmotivated. i'm just going to ride it out and hope that i get carried high on a wave again soon :)

  19. total bummer on goin solo BUT somehow I have a feeling you will enjoy it bigtime!!


  20. update my friend! I need a race recap :D

  21. Hey Dawn...wondering how S2S went (saw the race results) me if you want!

  22. Where the he'll have I been? Sorry! Sorry to hear about the fatigue. I've been feeling the same way. My vit D is super low though.
    So none of them will be there? Bummer. May you have the run of your life!

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