Thursday, March 10, 2011

10 = 20 and Other Random Facts...

The Mountain Marathon was #10 in my quest for twelve this year, but it is also my 20th marathon of all time!  So not only my hardest marathon to date but a pretty big milestone of marathons completed as well.  I'm still in a fog of what took place last weekend... : )

Really I was nervous for this one.  The vertigo did not let up all week but a supplement that my chiropractor gave me definitely helped.  I felt it off and on throughout the race but never felt nauseous.  I also think just the fact that I was never moving too fast helped me to not overheat and have the vertigo stay at bay. 

The facebook updates from the race directors about the trail conditions put a little fear in me as well.  But I knew I'd do it...and finish it...I just didn't know how the whole in between would go down...

They had a few of these barrels set up race morning to help keep us warm.  As a few us were gathered around, we chatted things of past races, training, crazy weather, etc.  And while we were talking, one guy asked me what I do to warm up before a race.  I begin to rattle off a couple pre-race stretches and he interrupts me and says, 'well the marathon is about to start in five minutes...'  Oops.  Thought I still had another hour, but whatever, I'm good to go...

Fill in your own caption with this pic and you'd be about right.  I asked another runner to take a pic of me at the top and he chose this moment to capture rather than me smiling and pretending I've got this thing under control... : )  And please note that I'm wearing my Surf City Marathon tee...  trying to bring the warm...

The course inclines were extremely tough and when we were in the dense part of the forest the snow really fooled us.  You'd think you could run across the trail of snow and then all the sudden you'd drop into a foot deep puddle of slush.  That'll wake you up.  And there was an aid station almost at the top point of elevation!  Some brave souls trekked up the mountain with coolers of water and Gu to be ready for us as we came by.  And it was so appreciated!  One of the reasons, beside the obvious ones, of why the long finish time is that I already knew I was going to be slow that day.  It was going to be tough.  So I choose to enjoy the day.  Not take it too seriously as far as clocking pace times.  Every time I came to an aid station I chatted it up.  Thanked the volunteers and enjoyed the snacks they had provided!

At the base aid station we had these lovely ladies from the Hello Cupcake Team, breast cancer survivors and supporters to provide us with all kinds of nutrition.  Red velvet cupcakes, gummies, cookies, chips, pretzels, water, nuun.  It was awesome, they were awesome and cheered like crazy for us.  So great.

Came back and took a picture at the finish line...Love small races!

This is one of the ladies from the Hello Cupcake Team... Rebecca, she is amazing!  She walked a 60 mile race in between chemo treatments!!!  And completed a couple half marathons as well.  So amazing and inspirational.  At the finish area we were able to share stories and become fast friends!  Love her hot pink bra!  I wish I got pictures with all the ladies because they were all extremely kind and super fun!

This cute thing is Rachel, the race director.  She and Craig put this whole crazy race together.  They are insane and put on a great event!  And dealt with all the last minute weather glitches (like re-routing the whole course day before race) beautifully!  If you're in the Washington area you should definitely check out other events they are running!  Next up 'The Backwards Mile'.  How fun does that sound?

One more side note... I could not have done the race without these.  Nike Trail Runners with Goretex.  My feet stayed dry.  DRY!  My running pants covered my ankles down over my shoes and I stepped in plenty of slushy, muddy, watery puddles.  Dry feet.  Also I couldn't have done it without my Yaks.  And while you all gave me great comments of being hardcore...I saw a guy up there running the race in Vibrams.  Crazy hardcore.  : )

Okay, one more side note of being hard-core just in case you were still on the fence about it.  Another marathoner posted about it and said because of the snow, this race was harder than Pike's Peak.  PIKE'S PEAK!!!!  Ok, I'm done telling you hard this race was.  Would I go back and do it again???  Without the snow...YES! : )

Next travel log.  The race wasn't the only fun I had in the PNW last weekend...


  1. WOW! You are as crazy hardcore as the Vibrams man, no doubt!! Congrats on another great race, a grueling one at that - so awesome!

  2. It's always nice to know that as crazy or inventive as the course may get, the race coordinators make sure to be prepared for the runners. I would highly doubt most races would opt to have the aid station at the top; they'd consider it too hard. But those are the most appreciated by far!!!

    And yay for cupcakes as race fuel!! Even if I was gunning for time, it'd be hard to turn down stopping for a free cupcake along the way.

  3. i miss you so much i cried reading this. probably because i'll be another year older this month (ahem...the 30th) but i swear, i get more emotional every day. YOU ARE AMAZING with what you're doing. keep it up, Ms. 12 in 12!

  4. 20 marathons is definitely quite an accomplishment! How cool to have your 10/20 be such a difficult one. You are amazingly hardcore! :)

  5. It sounds quite hard so you are quite hard core!

  6. Dang. Rock on with your bad self!! Congrats on conquering that one!

  7. Have I ever told you you are my hero? Way to ignore the scary FB updates and go for it!!!!

  8. HUGE Congrats and High Five on TEN and TWENTY !!!!

    awesome photos

    love the one at the top and also finish line:)


  9. What an adventure. Congrats on prevailing over a real toughie. That's an awesome aid station. And you my dear look so cute it's hard to believe youre running a freaking marathon!

  10. Great pics, great attitude, great pink bra. Great job Dawn. What a completly different experience than Surf City! So glad your vertigo was held at bay fairly well.

  11. Fantastic run, well done! Really tough and very tough conditions. You are hardcore for sure! Congratulations with the 20th, awesome!

  12. You are awesome. That race looks awesome. Do they do it every year? I might seriously consider the half marathon next year.