Friday, March 18, 2011

Portland/Seattle Travelogue - Part II

The night before the race I was passed off to another set of friends.  These two are my BFF's from college...
Me, Tiffany and Andrea
I know, we look like trouble with a capital T, right.  Don't be fooled...we're harmless mommy bloggers these days...

First day we were "together" I was out on that mountain for half the day...  So Tiff and Andrea spent some quality time on their own.  Whatever.

After my race we headed back for a low key afternoon of catching up and talking about our college days at USU.  Andrea had an amazing recovery dinner planned...her husband grilled steaks, she made twice baked potatoes and salad.  So good.  We went out for dessert, came home and passed out.

Next morning we headed into Seattle to see the hot spots.  Three ladies out on the town...

We googled places to eat for brunch and decided on a little bakery and cafe named Macrina's.  Oh my was amazing.  We were lucky enough to sit up at the bar and watch the chef prepare all the different dishes.  The chef asked how we knew each other and we said 'from college' and she said, 'oh you guys go to u-dub?'  Yep, that's right.  We still pass for college students.  No need for botox just yet...

French toast with cranberries and cream.  Mmmmmm.
Me and Tiff.  Such a cool pic.  Andrea is an amazing photographer...  if in the PNW check with me and I'll get you her info!!!  She's amazing!

After brunch we had to rush Tiff to the airport to head back to Colorado.  My flight wasn't til later that night so Andrea and I went back to Pike's Market. 

We walked up Post Alley to get to this...

Yes, this is a side of a huge building, covered with chewed gum.  Who knows how it started, but it is seriously almost a block long. 

Couldn't walk away without leaving my mark... hand sanitizer anyone?

Even though we had just had brunch, we sampled everything they handed us at the market.  Apples, plums, honey, nuts.  It was soooo good.  How I would love to have a farmer's market year round.  I bought some of those most delicious raspberries ever.  As well as some plums.  Seriously so good.

More than anything it was great to spend time with my girls.  We have all been through some pretty crazy times together and have survived.  We missed our fourth member, Brandi, it would have been so great to have her there!  I love these girls...  One of the best weekends ever.  Can't wait to do it all again...


  1. So jealous. I would love to see Seattle. Pictures are amazing! Love the gum wall.

  2. YOU all look very much like college students!! No worries of being mistaken for old just yet!!!!!

    btw - that french toast looked amazing. does this mean you did not paleo your way through the PNW?

  3. My favorite market 've ever been to. I always spend a day there.

  4. Looks like the 2nd half of your trip was awesome!! So funny--I have almost identical pics of Seattle on my blog from when Tom and I went there last Fall-gum wall and all!!

  5. Dawn, those are such great pics. I enjoyed looking at them. Yes, you are one of the youngest looking people I know. Really. Sorry about USU. How about those Aztecs. Hope J is killing it in his NCAA pool.

  6. it was food for my soul. for certain next year... heaven knows i'll be needing it by about midway through the new hell.

  7. I'm so glad you found Macrina! It is one of my 3 favorite bakeries in Seattle. You know, in all my years of living here, I've never seen the gum wall. I'm going to have to check that out on my next downtown run.

  8. this

    those photos are amazing.

    I need the french toast sans cranberries.