Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One of The Best Days Eva!!!

I do have a blog.  And a facebook account.  And a twitter.  And I text like crazy.  But I actually, really, honestly, consider myself a low-profile kinda gal.  I don't announce or really talk about my birthday. 

But thanks to my amazing family and social media I had one of the best birthdays ever!!! : )

I believe a play by play is in order...

My husband was out of town, so I started my day with this guy...


It was tough because it was so fast.  But I have to say when it was over at 40 minutes, I thought, really?  I think I held back cause I wanted to make it all the way through.  Next time, as in this afternoon, I know I can hold it in high gear the whole time.  It's not a marathon, it's more like a fast 10K.  And yes I have lots of this little hidden muscles that are sore today... :)

Birthday breakfast...


Birthday lunch...

I know.  I really know how to live it up.

Texted this crazy amazing lady and confided it was my birthday...

Went back to work...

I wouldn't normally work on my birthday but J-Lo had to have her lashes touched up for American Idol this week... She didn't even sing happy birthday to me...she had to save her voice... ;)

Came back to this and lots of comments, emails and texts wishing me a happy birthday...What am I going to do with that little Arizona birdy...she's one of a kind... :)

 Birthday snack...

Come on, I don't do this everyday... maybe just once a week... ;)

My husband got back into town and seriously for every holiday or every time someone asked him what he was going to get me for christmas/birthday/anniversary etc, his reply, 'She's had her party once a month for the last year!!!'  Yes, he's a teaser.  But I buy it hook, line and sinker everytime.  So honestly, I expected nothing.

He came home with this...

Chinese of my faves.

And announced that everyone was on their way over!!! (Everyone would include my parents, sister, brother and his wife)  And of course my fam.  So fun. 

We had...

Chocolate/chocolate with raspberry filling.  mmmm.

We had gifts....

And one of the best birthday cards ever!!!

Please note the pull tab in top corner right. And when you pull the tab a little runner girl comes out.  My dad is quite clever.

My husband surprised me with way too many gifts that came out of this bag....

(sorry I couldn't get this pic to flip but we all know where this bag is from...)

And these...


That would be almond toffee...

Shaun T who?  Tempo run what?

Ended the day with lots of hugs from the kids.  Best ever.  And then watched DVRed shows til 1 am. 

Told you I'm a big partier.

And now, while I was cleaning up from last night's partay...

Johnny thought it would be a good idea to start peeling away all the shells of the Easter egss...Super fun.

I really had one of the best days.  Thanks to all of you that sent me messages yesterday...they were so appreciated!  Nothing like feelin a little love from all your peeps! : )

And now to finish off my 5 lb box of toffee...before everyone gets home from school...


  1. YAY Nordy's.
    YAY your hubby! One liner was just to throw you off. Love it.

    Chinese food. OK. Done. ummmm, [If I have to be honest....].... Choc/choc cake and Chinese food. then done.

    Love the card. Seriously, Dad's pick awesome cards.

    YAY on insanity DVD's!!

    I wanna know what was in the bag, you know I am nosey. or is it nosy. who freaking cares . . . .

    I'm waiting for my phone to blow up with texts as to what was inside.

    you. are. way. too. cool.

  2. Yay for a happy birthday! And here is wishing you a late happy birthday! That sounds like a great day to me, food, family, nordys, and chillin!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, girl!! (when is your day exactly? Mine was the 19th!). You celebrated WAY more fun than I got to, and got more fun things. LOVE that blue jacket - goes great with your eyes and hair (blondes love blue :)). Glad it was a fantastic day!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday. Looks like it was EXCELLENT.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday and so glad you had FUN!!!

  6. Fun day!!!! I am happy for you!!!
    I love that card!!

  7. Belated happy birthday. Looks like it was a great one and I LOVE that card. Did your dad make it? Man, does he get you!

  8. I am the SAME way you are. I don't make a big deal out of my birthday. Heck, I've forgotten my own birthday...TWICE! I even changed my birth date on FB this year to avoid the onslaught of comments and texts. haha

    But secretly, I'd love to have someone throw me a party and make a deal out of it. I just won't do it myself.

    Glad you had a fun birthday!!

  9. Aw man, sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday. I sincerely wish you a belated one.

    Look at J completely man up and make is wife happy. Awesome.

    Your enthusiasm and energy is pouring out of this post. Very cute. I bet you deserve every single thing you got too.

  10. Happy birthday Dawn! Glad you had a good day with lots of treats and people to celebrate with :)

  11. yay birthdays!!!!!

    it does sound like the best day ever! so fabulous.

    and once again reminded me that i need to make a date with sean t. thanks for the subtle (unintentional) peer pressure to get my butt back on that train.

  12. I'll come over and help with that toffee situation :)

    glad you had a good day

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