Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Is It 6 AM on Friday yet?

I'm in taper mode.  Which still feels like I'm running crazy hard.  But no long run this weekend.  I ran 21 miles on the treadmill last honor of....

I'm heading down to Phoenix tomorrow.  I'm taking it upon myself to entertain the crap right out of her.  Well not literally...but you know what I mean.

I've got my Vogue, Glamour, US, People, Real Simple mags all ready to go.  I googled some good running jokes.  My own personal playlists. 

I will bring Ultramarathon Man and Born to read exerpts when I deam appropriate.

So any suggestions?  What do you bring to a 24 hour run-a-thon?  What could keep her distracted from the crazy mileage that she will be collecting???

Oh and don't worry, I'm bringing my sneakers to get a few miles in too... : )


  1. ...make her guess bloggers by acting them out :p

  2. The only thing I could come up with was hallucinogenic drugs. Nah - got nothing but good luck to both of you. Her for the run and you for the entertainment,

  3. Take some Mad Libs during the parts where she can talk and give you some good adjectives, verbs ending in -ing, nouns, etc. Then read them with gusto! Have fun!

  4. Love these ideas.

    Love you for coming.

  5. I like Julies idea, but you need to record it.

  6. First, Happy Belated Birthday Dawn!! You are so awesome to go support EMZ on this run. What a wonderful gesture. Will there be a tv in there, cause a good running movie or chick flick could help pass the time. :)

  7. So great that you are going!!!
    make sure she walks once in a while
    I mean often.
    no mileage contest

    distractions...learning French?
    Trivial pursuit questions

    naming all the Jolie-Pitt kids in order..that could take at least 1 hour

    Quotes from movies and she has to guess what movie it is from
    there's lots of website for that.

    have fun!!!!!

  8. You can play a game of trivial pursuit via Twitter. Include me. I will kick EMZ's behind. That may be the only thing I could beat her at. I mean, c'mon, she went to U of A. Oh I kid. EMZ is radder than rad.

    You ran 21 on the t.m. No wonder you two get along so well. Yikes.

  9. Hot chocolate
    Pickle Juice

  10. I would need something to totally take my focus off of running. My best example is an online video series that some friends of mine are into. A couple years ago they put out the most COMPLEX storyline. One episode a week that we spent the entire week debating over. It's 20 episodes, so if I was to play one each hour and spend the other 55 minutes debating it, I'd be set!

    When I'm on the bike at home, movies work for a time, but books on tape really do a much better job at keeping my attention.

  11. Thanks for doing this Dawn! You are an amazing friend!!!

    Tweet us when EMZ needs some entertainment! We will tweet away!!

  12. I just found your blog...and I'm loving it! You are a rockstar. I saw most of your races in the last 12 months were in I'm guessing you live there? I live in Utah County!