Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wiggity What Wednesday!

Well it finally happened.  I didn't think it would...  I've been so good for the last 8 months...

The guy in blue is 'The Flu' and the guy getting hit with the atomic bomb is me.  I have not been sick once in the last eight months of training and racing.  Pretty amazing if you ask me.  But now I've been flat out for two days.  It started Saturday when I went to the gym to run an easy ten miles and at mile four I was sweating and I had zero energy to keep going.  I called it a day and decided I'd run ten on Monday.  Sunday I was okay, but started to feel a little achey, so I took an ibuprophen and thought I'd be fine the next day.  Monday morning...not pretty.  The only reason I moved out of my bed all day Monday was for either another trip to the bathroom or to put on another episode of Max & Ruby for my 3 year old.  I've never been hit quite so hard with the flu.  Yesterday I felt better but still took it pretty easy. 

Today I'm feeling good.  Except when I have to go up the stairs, I'm winded...  Wiggity What?  Yeah... I said I'm winded after going up 12 stairs.  And what's that you say?  Don't I have a marathon this weekend?  Why yes I do... 

So I'm not panicking yet.  Maybe just a little.  Okay... a lot.  I'm really blaming the whole sickness on the Paleo Diet.  I've  had no real carbs to combat the infection, right?  I don't know. 

So question of the day... 

What should I do? 

*Throw Paleo out the window and eat as many pieces of bread, servings of pasta and rice til race day?

*Keep Paleo around and wait to eat carbs all day Saturday before race on Sunday?

*Be creative...give me some free counsel.

I haven't run since Saturday and I'm pretty sure if I can't handle a set of stairs,  a run isn't in the cards just yet.  But I definitely need to get a few miles in before the race, just for the mental aspect of it all...  

And to my Paleo friends... Did you get sick when you started eating this way?  Just curious...


  1. I so hope you did not get sick from me coughing and hacking yesterday! I will send you healing energy! Drink Airborne every 3-4 hours starting today - it works every time! Good luck...

  2. eat
    WANT to
    and [can keep down]

  3. I think I'm with Emz. Sending healthy thoughts your way...

  4. Water and rest. Get it out of your system and then carb up beginning Friday.

  5. I'm not a fan of the Paleo diet. I know some people love it. Kenyan's diet is up to 78% carbs--just sayin.

  6. Lose the diet! Last spring I tried to do a "cleanse" diet, where it started off with 2-weeks of just meat/veggies, the next 2-weeks add fruits, and then continue w/that for a month. I thought is sounded easy-peasy. NOT SO! I was so surprised when I got so shaky & nauseated. I didn't want it to interfere w/my running, so I quit it. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so lousy! I think you need carbs.... now!

  7. Flu trumps diet in my book. Eat whatever your body won't revolt against at this point. Really hope you feel better soon!

  8. I vote carbs, too, but maybe good ones (which you probably would eat anyway)...some bananas, maybe a sweet potato with some butter and cinnamon sugar...some really good multigrain bread with chicken and rice soup...things that are comforting but not total crap.

    I only know a little bit about the paleo diet, but I am a low-carb eater because of hypoglycemia, and now that I am training for my first half, I am finding it a little more difficult to strike the right balance of carbs and protein.

    Good luck!! I hope you feel better soon.

  9. i think you should watch days of our lives (is that even still on??) and eat some oreo brownies. it will make you feel better MENTALLY, and we all know that's half the battle.

  10. Haha! I'm also with EMZ!

    big hug! hope you feel better soon =)

  11. 1. drink and rest.
    2. I would eat whatever stays in.
    3. no more diet.

    hope you feel better right now soon

  12. like you i rarely get the flu, but when I finally did after years last month I realized that I needed to just get in some food and the only thing that my body wanted was some bread, crackers and soup... I kept thinking veggies, but that just wasn't going to happen

  13. Is your body screaming for carbs? I am no expert but would listen to it and speed up the recovery! Bread & soup will taste so good!!! :)

    Get better!!

  14. Drink a lot of water with Emergen-C. Take lots of vitamin c and zinc. Sleep as much as possible. Eat whatever you want to.

  15. With a weekend race looming I'd kick the Paleo way to the curb for now and carb away. Hope you feel better fast!

  16. Im with "Evolving": flu or not feeling well trumps diet all the way

    get well! also agree on the emergen-c + sleep and rest


  17. I have had so much fun reading through your blog. I used to live in Utah, and have recently moved to DC area. Seeing your pictures made me miss running in Utah. Just a little thought on the eating. I just read a book called Racing Weight: How to Get Lean for Peak Performance by Matt Fitzgerald. I highly recommend it for anyone who is trying to reach their optimal racing composition. Check it out. You can get it pretty cheap off amazon. I'm excited to read about the rest of your adventures!

  18. Boooooo. Thats no good :(

    eat eat

    rest rest

  19. Listen Lady, I just want to know if I won the sunglasses?!!!

    I agree with everyone else; loose the diet. Eat whatever sounds good. Next time you feel the ache coming on. Pound the Emergen C and Oscocillium (sp?) I swear that stuff will either kick the flu completely or at least contain it to 1 maybe 2 days max. BUT you have to take it at the first ache.

    As for your race... I know this is probably against your religion BUT you might try the Galloway method for this race or even the first half of this race??? So your body or at least your brain is thinking it will be your easiest marathon ever.

  20. "Carbo Loading" really starts a week out. If you want to "race", start now.

  21. I would say, start eating carbs slowly now and more sore throughout the week. Then, when you have more time and the marathon is over, do some research into whether the Paleo diet is linked w/ increased incidence of colds/flu. It's an interesting question that I don't have the answer to. My gut feeling is we need balance in everything so now or super-low carbs doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Good luck in the race! You should be recovered by then. Your training for the past xxx weeks is what counts, you won't lose fitness this week even if you don't run at all.