Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Manly Bracelet

Yes, I purchased a manly bracelet while in Huntington Beach.  When I met up with Chris K. he proceeded to show me the balance test.  I was sold.  Hook, line and sinker.  So back to the Expo we went to find me one.  This is the one I bought.  I wish I would have gotten a white one but whatever. 

I immediately put the bracelet on and thought this was going to be a saving grace at the race.  Not only keep me balanced, but keep the flu at bay.

I wore it on race day and I actually felt great.  Towards the end of the race I had some lower back pain, some right hip pain and a little pain in my right hammie.  I chalked it up to fatigue and races and mostly was just grateful that I wasn't vomiting.

Into recovery week my back pain got worse.  The right hip progressively got worse as well as the connecting muscle tendons from IT band up to my hip on the right side.  I know.  Crazy.  So I thought to myself...  9 marathons, I probably need a little tune up.  I went to my chiropractor, whom I haven't had to visit for 2 1/2 years, and got all lined up.  He told me to come back this last Monday, so I did.  Once again I got the works:  cracked, stretched, popped and some electrodes. 

Still this right side of my body was bothering me.  Nothing has been helping.  I've continued my running/training through all of it.  This morning I had a treadmill run of about 8 miles and my right leg seriously felt like I needed to disconnect it and put it out of it's misery.  While running, something caught my eye. 

The manly bracelet.

Guess which wrist I've been wearing it on.  Guess which side it has not left since the moment I put it on the night before the race.  Did you write down your answer?  Should I make you scroll down to see if you're correct?  Ok... You're right.  I've had it on my RIGHT side.  The side that has been killing me for the last week and a half.  So I thought I'm not going to take it off, I'll just switch it to the left side.

I kid you not...within five minutes the pain had all but disappeared.  I know.  I wouldn't believe it if it hadn't happened to me.  I have a scheduled chiro appointment tomorrow and I seriously don't even think I need to go. 

So my conclusion is that yes, these things have an effect on the body.  I checked the website and it said nothing about being lopsided, but I think I must need to wear one on each wrist to stay truely balanced.  Wearing one continually on the same side is detrimental to my well being and overall health.  When I told J of my findings he said that when he's noticed basketball and baseball players wearing them, they have one on each wrist.  He maybe should've mentioned that to me at the Expo...

Quite the marketing ploy EFX.  Can't just buy one...


  1. I would love a magic bullet like that, but being the skeptic that I am...

  2. If you and Chris pool your money, you could probably afford this bridge I've got for sale in NY.

  3. Please go back and add a /sarcasm tag to this post. please please please!

    You got to be kiddin' me right? lol?

  4. I find myself both skeptical of and intrigued by these bracelets. Even if it's only mental ... so what.

    With all of my assorted ailments, and based on your right-side findings, I'm wondering if I didn't accidentally swallow one of these at some point.

  5. aha!

    ok...let's give it a few days and see what happens.


    I'm afraid to try one now.

  6. ironically, this was published today!

  7. Hmmmm I've relegated my studly bracelet (I won it) to the back of the drawer without much of a test. Looks like I need to experiment.

  8. I'm thinking I should try this with the Pita.

    Does it come in a diamond [tennis bracelet-like] form?

  9. Yeah... call me skeptic too. I sure hope that your right side is feeling better though. Good luck. :)
    Where is the next marathon?

  10. Hey, over 12 years ago I started sleeping on a magnetic pillow and I quit getting migraines. Seriously. So I'm open minded to these kinds of things.

  11. There's no better way to judge something than by results; often harsh, always fair.

    Based on results, I truly believe in this product. I can actually FEEL the energy of it. Literally.

  12. Does that come in a heel version?? :)

    Glad it has magical healing gotta get a race to run and no time for lopsidedness!!!

  13. Crazy!!! I just finally got to the chiro after 4 years of not seeing one, it's nice to go again... maybe it will get you a PR (well, once you get a second manly bracelet).

  14. But wait if you put one on your left side won't that side hurt too? So if you have one on each wrist won't you just be one big hurt?