Friday, February 4, 2011

We Have Ourselves A Winner...

Well I'm not sure if she deserves it after she clucked at me when I was sick...and worried more about the Ryders Giveaway than my marathon well-being... but thought otherwise...  So...

Melanie B. you won yourself a pair of

I have your email because you sent me this awesome photo of yourself with your beach shades on just having finished a triathlon...pretty professional... :)

Congratulations girl!!! 
You will be officially ready now for race season with your new pair of sunnies!  Yay!


  1. Congrats Melanie!

  2. Dawn, you have 5 kids!? And you are running a marathon every single month for 12 months!? You are my hero. It's official.

  3. Just wanted to say good luck this weekend!!!!


  4. WOOT wOOT for me!
    Thanks GIRLY!
    Have a great weekend!