Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I got nothin'

I'm having a very unclever week.  A week of going through the motions.  Just trying to get to next Wednesday.  Anyone ever felt like this? 

We are planning a big family trip around my marathon for this month.  We will be traveling via mini van (family of 7!) about 750 miles to the Bay Area next week.  It's all we can talk about when we're together as a family.  Nothing is getting done around the house.  The kids can barely concentrate on homework or school.  We had a birthday last weekend for my little guy, and one of my daughter's birthday is this weekend - and they almost don't even care.  Almost.  She talks more about the trip than what she wants for her birthday.  Crazy.

The days can't go by fast enough to get to next week.  I'm getting my running in but it just seems like my body is doing it but my heart is not in it for these daily runs.  So weird.  I just want to be at that start line right now!

So questions for the day...

Anyone running races Halloween weekend?

and if so...

Are you dressing up in costume this year? 

Have you ever done a race in costume? 

I'm currently trying to decide if I want to be in costume for my trail marathon.  It's gonna be hard enough to run 26.2, do I want to add the worry of my tutu turned just right or my fairy wings snagging on a tree branch?  Hmmm.  I don't know...


  1. since we're on the topic of halloween costumes, what is up with all the skankalicious out there? i was searching for ideas with mika online and he goes, "sexy halloween costumes? what kid wants to be sexy for halloween?" i tried to explain that there is a whole other market out there, beyond the birth-12 demographic. he was appalled. "you're not going to get one of those, right mom?"

    not unless i need one for my upcoming marathon, buddy. in other words... hell-to-tha-no.

  2. I don't drees up for races, but I had this last weekend and some people did dress up. I think I would feel too confined in a costume while running.

  3. Good luck with the road trip. I think driving 700 miles to Indianapolis was the hardest part of my marathon experience last weekend!

    So, you asked what's next. I have the National Marathon in DC in March and a few shorter races between now and then. I'm going to look at your schedule and see if any of them would work for me!

  4. Hey Dawn! I felt the same way the week before my half. I am running the Black Cat Chase 5K on 10/29. Doubt I will wear a costume but not sure yet. Hope you and the fam have a fabulous vacation!

  5. I typically do most of my training runs in a tutu and fairy wings, but I'm all business on race day.

    I say go for it!

  6. I never tried running wearing a costume. Maybe a little add-on like a headdress or cape or skirt will do but I don't think I'd wear the whole costume. It can be a little restrictive =) Have fun!

  7. I totally want to wear a costume for a fun Halloween type run! I am batgirl this year, with some modifications so it isn't quite so revealing, and it would be perfect for running! I don't know about running a trail race in a costume but it would be pretty funny if you did get caught in a tree with your fairy wings and you were just hanging out like a real fairy!

  8. I'm still considering the Provo Halloween Half but family stuff is filling up my next week so I may just run a 13.1 on my own. :) If I run it, I'll probably wear a tutu and tiara or something else easy to wear.

    Bummer on the long run on Saturday. I'm sorry you had stomach issues.


  9. I'm doing the Halloween Half in Provo. I won't be dressing up though, as I sweat too much when I run. ;-) Don't need to be burdened with a hot costume or face makeup.

    Have a great trip/run!

  10. I am also doing a Halloween Half Dash:) I am not sure if I am dressing up. If I do it will have to be comfy....I don't want something driving me bonkers for 13 miles:) It is fun to see the costumes:)

    Have fun on your trip!

  11. i'm doing a halloween race and super excited, I got a much better costume this year!!