Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Things Thursday in 5 Bullet the Blue Sky Bullets - U2 Edition

1.  It rained all day and the clouds parted that afternoon for a beautfiul night of U2 madness.

2.  I went with my best friend from high school.  So fun.

3.  At the end of 'All I Want Is You' Bono broke out the harmonica, I may or may not have had a single tear drop, and went into the chorus of 'Love Rescue Me'.  My personal favorite moment of the night...along with 20 other moments...

4.  And I have decided that Bono needs to market his own energy drink.  That guy at 50-something, rocked that concert like he was 22.  AMAZING!    Bonogizer anyone?

5.  Big post tomorrow...I promise... :)


  1. I just saw an interview with Bono regarding his concert. The stage looks crazy with all the lights. Glad you had fun.

  2. My son went to see U2 last Saturday...but they had nose-bleed seats! I heard he puts on a fantastic show though!! (and eventually they were moved down to much better seats - yay)

  3. so awesome.
    Yes, it was a "beautiful day"
    also Bono he moves in mysterious ways doesn't he?
    jealous [good way, I think]
    I wish I was the ONE by you.
    I tried to have fun in spin class with or without you.

    Were you at ELEVATION zero? Seriously no issue with VERTIGO, I'm guessing.

    I'm pretty sure I head the ppl in Utah chanting THE SAINTS ARE COMING at the end.

    Bono's drink? MIRACLE DRUG.

    ok I give up . . . and am WALK[ing] ON.

  4. Sounds like a GREAT night. Given your recent marathon experience I'd make a Vertigo joke, but I'm afraid that karma would somehow bite me on the ass. Or, per Bono, instant-karma.

    Good to know that old dudes can still rock it. Maybe there's hope for me.

  5. Glad you had fun. I am lame and have never been to a concert so I am even more envious of you!

  6. Excited to hear more...I know, lame comment but I'm off to read your other posts! :)

  7. LOVE EMZ's comment!

    And I got a little teary once or twice. And I don't think the weather could have been more perfect.

    I tried to rock the concert like I was 22...

  8. I gotta admit, on a pubic relations level, I find Bono a little self-righteous and preachy, but I FRIGGIN' LOVE U2!!! The concert was probably awesome!

  9. So cool. How fun to go with your friend. And how fun to go to a concert and know just about every word to every song.

    I love concerts. Gonna go see one of my favs The English Beat in two weeks. Small venue. You are probably too young to know them :-)