Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Take a Breath

Sigh.... I only spent half of the day yesterday running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. It all worked out though, at least I think it has. I was able to get a temporary driver's license without a social security card. They will mail me my hard copy license once I bring in my ss card. And I can use my temporary driver's license to get my social security card. It's all good. So the airport here in SLC will let me leave the state with a temporary license but the airport in Texas will require a birth certificate to go with the temporary license to let me go home. So hopefully it will go just as they say and no hang-ups will occur. Case closed.

So, why the three bosu's you ask? I have a great exercise for you to try the next time you're at the gym. This is courtesy of Trainer Zack. I still have sessions with him, but only about twice a month. I will say he has come up with some pretty clever workouts lately. I wish I had the time to hit the gym a little harder. It's all in the plans for December...

You will probably need to head to the aerobics room, but grab three bosu's. Put them in a triangle formation and flip them all over, so flat, black side up. You'll put your hands on the sides of the top bosu. Then you'll place left foot on left bottom bosu and right foot on right bottom bosu. It's really not a game of Twister... It's basically a wide leg push up position balanced on bosu's. Just holding the plank position could be exercise enough, but once you find your balance, kick out 3 sets of 15 to 20 full body push-ups (or more for you tough guys!). Then send me a comment 2 or 3 days later and tell me how you're feeling. This workout also included sets of clean & press, inverted abs, swiss ball abs, ab pull machine and some plyo box jumps followed by a 3 mile run. But let me tell ya, I was sore in those little tiny muscle spots you never knew you had muscles at. Love it. I'm pretty sure those bosu push-ups were the ones that just put the icing on the cake. I hope you try them - and let me know how much you love them too!

And since I haven't had a Tunesday in awhile (I know it's Wednesday but my mom informed me that people (my mom)  really like it and miss it when I don't have a song for the week... :)   Here's who will be the opening night performer for the Rock n Roll Marathon this weekend.... I'm assuming they asked NKOTB but they were busy rehearsing for their upcoming tour, so Rick Springfield will do.  So this one's for you mom!


  1. How have I gone this long without reading your blog?? I LOVE it!!! Do you live in Salt Lake??
    I am going to try your strength training move, it sounds killer!!
    You are my hero for the challenge you are doing! Wow!
    Love the music video:)

  2. Ohhhh man, how I wished so badly my name was "Jesse" the first time [and 214th time] I heard this song. Love it.

  3. Hooray! I am so glad you've got the air travel stuff figured out. Phew!

  4. wow... that exercise sounds intriguing... i wish i had 3 bosus lol

  5. That license thing was complicated but at least it's sorted now.