Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Wintery Monday!

Just a few glimpses of my backyard this morning...  I woke up early to head out to the gym and since all roads were still covered with several inches of snow I quickly settled back into my warm bed.  It's still November but a nice snow storm sure makes it feel like the Christmas season!  I'll try to make it to the gym tonight. : )

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  We had an amazing week filled with food, family and fun.  We had two big Thanksgiving dinners!  So great.  Working on my turkey noodle soup for dinner tonight.  It's the perfect day for soup and rolls.  Mmmm. 

I'm sure a lot of you did local Turkey Trots - it was 12 degrees here on Thanksgiving morning so I opted for the gym instead.  Did anyone go to their gym on Thanksgiving morning?  Holey moley it was like someone said it was the last day ever to go to a gym.  Every machine was in use.  A bit like New Year's Day at the gym.  Everyone gearing up to get their eat on.  ; )

It's officially December in my books.  I'm once again tapering.  It really is an odd feeling to go from recovery week immediately into a taper week.  I'm pretty sure I don't have it down quite right.  I ran 11 miles on Saturday followed by a killer training session with my trainer.  I'm super sore today.  We only did a 30 minute session, but everything was 60 second sprints - tricep dips, deadlifts, bosu push-ups, squats, burpees, sit-ups, and sprints on the stairs.  I'm tellin ya, I'm still hurting today.  Love it!

I've got a crazy week coming up, which I'm sure I'll say every Monday this month, but I will definitely get my miles in. 

Tomorrow morning I'll have the winner for my eyelash giveaway!  You still have today to enter!!! 
Don't be shy - I promise you'll love them! 

And a new giveaway tomorrow - a perfect gift for any runner!  
So fun!

On my to-do list this week...update the blog once again - falling leaves is sooo last season.


  1. WOW thats a lot of snow. I think its back up to almost 80 today here. Crazy.

    We went to the gym the night before Thanksgiving and it was the same way. We could hardly get on a piece of equipment.

  2. Your training session sounds intense. I would love to have a trainer. I didn't workout on Thanksgiving...gasp. I bet the gym was crazy busy:) Your pics look so cold. I can't imagine going from recovery to taper week so quickly, um you are my hero!

  3. Recovery, then taper? Sounds interesting!

    I thought XOOD worked well, Nuun is another good one that is not too sweet.

  4. i'm so jealous! i have been waiting and wanting it to snow here in michigan...we're just behind the times this year!

    maybe everyone was getting their last workout in so that they could kick some serious butt during black friday. those shoppers terrify me :)

  5. wooooah! that's a lot of snow! It's only snowing in my blog, but not where I live. Haha!

  6. Our turkey trot got canceled "due to extreme cold weather" so Mr. K and I went and got hot chocolate. Then we went for a little run together. It was great. I would rather run in the cold than in the heat.

    Your training session sounds like it was awesome. Now I am inspired to go work out. Maybe some P90X...

  7. This Canadian gal is very jealous of all your snow!!! send me some in California!!!!

  8. Hi! I followed you over from (mis)adventures of a running stroller mom's page.

    What an inspiring/challenging goal! I can't wait to see what you have up next!

  9. i was working out with a trainer for 30 minute sessions only with a partner and it was amazing. it was fast but hard. i loved it....just can't spend the mula right now

  10. Thank you for sharing those pics of your back yard. All very foreign to me.

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